Tom Cormier – Manual eBay Dropshipping

Manual eBay Dropshipping The step-by-step course on how to massively scale and sustain an eBay Dropshipping business, in 2020.

What you will get

  • The secrets to running a successful eBay Dropshipping business in 2020 – A complete strategy guide with up to date policy changes, growth hacks, and tax laws.
  • Access to exclusive content –This includes our top 20 secret suppliers list, pre-made Dropshipping spreadsheets, and access to our Private Members Facebook Group.
  • The most in-depth Dropshipping training –Over 13 hours of detailed video training and 25 bonus written guides.

My Story

In 2017, I did something that my parents thought I was an absolute idiot for doing. I left my $100k a year Chemical Engineering job, to pursue Dropshipping.

And in just my first year alone…

I sold over $1.4 million Dropshipping on eBay.

I am a firm believer that with the right guidance, anyone can succeed with this business model. You know why I think that? Because all you need to get started is an eBay account, a credit card, and a serious drive to succeed.


Through my method of Manual eBay Dropshipping (dropshipping adapted for 2020), you will learn all of the secret techniques which have enabled myself, along with my students, to earn a full-time passive income online.

Manual eBay Dropshipping Bonuses

Top 20 Secret Suppliers
($399 VALUE)

We have included our own highly reviewed suppliers list so that you can start finding profitable products to list right away!

Profit Margin Calculator
($49 VALUE)

Knowing your profits is vital to running any business. By using our customized dropshipping profit calculator, you can save yourself from ever losing money.


Software Discounts
($99 VALUE)

We have negotiated special discounts for our students that can save over $99 dollars on the top dropshipping software and applications.

Item Sourcing Template
($99 VALUE)

Finding profitable products to sell is the most difficult process for many dropshippers. Use this sourcing template to sell thousands of items.

Customer Service Scripts
($49 VALUE)

Avoid receiving harmful negative feedback. Reduce returns, refunds, and INR cases with our refined customer service scripts.

Accounting Template
($49 VALUE)

Accounting can be a daunting task. We have simplified the process with our pre-made sheet which is primed for recording earnings for tax purposes.

Manual eBay Dropshipping



  • Modules 1-2: Introduction to Manual eBay Dropshipping
  • Lesson 1.1-Welcome to DSU!
  • Lesson 1.2-Course Introduction And Private Members Facebook Group
  • Lesson 2.1-Why To Start Manual eBay Dropshipping In 2019
  • Lesson 2.2- Manual Dropshipping Best Practices
  • Lesson 2.3- Frequently Asked Manual Questions
  • Lesson 2.4- Is Your eBay Account Flagged?
  • Lesson 2.5- Starting A Brand New eBay Account
  • Lesson 2.6- Site Preferences Walk-Through
  • Lesson 2.7- Setting Up Business Policies
  • Lesson 2.8- Avoiding Restrictions (MC011)
  • Lesson 2.9- Verifying Your Account

Modules 3-4: Sourcing Highly Profitable Items

  • Lesson 3.1-Our Top 10 Recommended Suppliers List
  • Lesson 3.2- Finding And Vetting Out Unique Suppliers
  • Lesson 3.3- Matching Up Business Policies With Your Source
  • Lesson 4.1- Using Our Formatted Course Google Sheets (Templates)
  • Lesson 4.2- Manual Sourcing Google Sheet Breakdown
  • Lesson 4.3- Identifying Other Re-Sellers
  • Lesson 4.4- Manual Item Research
  • Lesson 4.5- Competitor Research And Sniping
  • Lesson 4.6- Advanced Competitor Research
  • Lesson 4.7- Calculating Your Profit


  • Modules 5-6: Listing & Inventory Management 
  • Lesson 5.1-Manually Listing Your 1st Item
  • Lesson 5.2- Manually Repricing And Stock Monitoring
  • Lesson 5.3- Repricing And Stock Software
  • Lesson 5.4- Repricing A Single Item Without API
  • Lesson 5.5- Listing And Repricing Streamlined
  • Lesson 5.6- Listing Items Quickly Without API
  • Lesson 5.7- Creating Listing Templates Within eBay
  • Lesson 6.1- Understanding Title Optimization
  • Lesson 6.2- Tools To Help Optimize Titles
  • Lesson 6.3- How To Get More Traction On Listings

Modules 7-8: Processing Sales & Customer Service

  • Lesson 7.1- You Sold Your 1st Item!
  • Lesson 7.2- Best Tool For Order Processing
  • Lesson 7.3- Picking The Right Cash Back Portals
  • Lesson 7.4- Ensuring You Always Get Your Cashback
  • Lesson 7.5- Manually Uploading Tracking  Numbers
  • Lesson 8.1- Customer Service
  • Lesson 8.2-Maintaining Great Seller Metrics
  • Lesson 8.3- Properly Cancelling Orders
  • Lesson 8.4- Returns and ‘INR’ Cases
  • Lesson 8.5- Buyers Remorse Returns
  • Lesson 8.6- Common Customer Inquiries
  • Lesson 8.7- Our Scripted Responses Overview

Modules 9-10: Feedback & Organization

  • Lesson 9.1- What Is Feedback And Does It Matter?
  • Lesson 9.2- Avoiding Negative Feedback
  • Lesson 9.3- Feedback Removal
  • Lesson 10.1- Tracking Your Profit Manually
  • Lesson 10.2- Problem Customers And Returns
  • Lesson 10.3- Email Organization

Modules 11-12: Maximizing Margins & Tax Exemption  

  • Lesson 11.1- Best Cashback Credit Cards
  • Lesson 11.2- Expedited Shipping Loophole
  • Lesson 11.3- Best Gift Card Website
  • Lesson 11.4- Using Price Match Software
  • Lesson 12.1- In-Depth Tax Exemption Overview
  • Lesson 12.2- Source Tax Exemption Step-By-Step Guide

Modules 13-14: Advanced Topics

  • Lesson 13.1- PayPal Jail
  • Lesson 13.2- Getting Your Limits Raised (LIVE Call)
  • Lesson 13.3- eBay Store Subscriptions Optimal Upgrade Points
  • Lesson 13.4- Bulk Uploading With No API Integration
  • Lesson 13.5- Exponentially Increase Your Sales
  • Lesson 14.1- Low Performing Listings
  • Lesson 14.2- Mitigating VeRo Items
  • Lesson 14.3- Listings Items Not Found On eBay
  • Lesson 14.4- Should You Collect Sales Tax?
  • Lesson 14.5- Conclusion And Support

Tom Cormier – Manual eBay Dropshipping

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