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The complete A-Z Blueprint for generating a consistent and stress-free income with affiliate marketing 




The result is 5 CORE MASTER CLASSES and a treasure trove of training videos, checklists, cheatsheets, Live mastermind videos that hold your hand through every step needed to make your first affiliate sale… so you can go on to achieve your first wildly profitable month…… and then put if all on autopilot, with ease. 

While it’s true that some students hit 4 and even 5 figures a month their first time out, and others have built upon smaller initial successes before hitting multiple 5 figures a few months later… 

The goal here is to get you in the game with your first month’s full time income as a professional affiliate marketer. 


Because it’s a realistic and highly achievable tipping point.Your first full time income month puts you on a whole new confidence playing field where new doors open up VERY fast. 

You have leverage…you have momentum…and you finally have confidence that this making money online thing thing you’ve poured your heart and soul into for so long (and had all but given up on) actually DOES have the legs to take you as far along the entrepreneurial path to success as you’re willing to go. 





  • Treats affiliate marketing as a complete profit-generating ongoing business instead of a series of isolated online promotions or “business opportunities” 
  • Leverages and synergizes your list-building, email marketing, and authority ALL within a single efficient system so that NO marketing effort is wasted or executed out of context. 
  • Assumes nothing. Quickly takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing, to owning a highly profitable (and consistent) affiliate marketing business that floods your email list with new, engaged subscribers and converts them into profits. 
  • Holds your hand through the tech set-up and all the other icky bits that can be the most off-putting part of an online business. 



Here’s How It All Breaks Down… 

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  1. You’ll internalize the “big picture”lessons and strategies needed to start and scale a profitable affiliate marketing business. 
  2. Low vs. High Ticket Products:We’ll demystify the debate, and set you on a path that synergizes BOTH to maximize the profits you generate from your affiliate business. (Hint: Most people jump straight into either of the two. In this module, I’ll show you why this is a critical mistake.) 
  3. How to Choose the Best Niche and Products for You:There’s a VERY exact science in choosing a niche and products that lead to sales. You can attract hordes of highly qualified leads, yet STILL not pull in any sales once they are presented with an offer. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to choose the perfect niche and products to promote that are the most profitable AND leaves your audience delighted. 
  4. Tech Made Easy:How to quickly choose, assemble and TEST out your tech and automation in order to ensure a glitch-free experience once your live visitors start flowing into your affiliate marketing business. Once you get this right, a tremendous weight is lifted, and you’ll feel more confident and ready to invest big time into building a stellar business. We’ll explore popular options like Aweber, Infusionsoft, Clickfunnels, LeadPages,…as well as some under-the-radar options that may prove to be an ideal fit for your business. 
  5. The Golden Rules of a High Converting Products and Offers:Ever wonder where to source high converting products from? How long should you promote a product for? How often you should sell to your email list vs. how often you should provide content? Once a promotion is profitable, how can you keep promoting it without burning out your audience? Should you promote CPA, CPL, revenue share offers or a combination of them?After launching over 1,000 affiliate promotions, I’ve tested them ALL and pinpointed the best practices for each of the elements above. As a student of the Affiliate Marketing Intensive Kickstarter™, you’ll bypass years of testing and optimizing and implement only the MOST EFFECTIVE methods right out of the gate. 
  6. Master the 3-Phase Product Selection Process:Wildly profitable affiliate promotions all include 3 distinct phases – The Product Selection Phase, the Promotion Phase, and Promotion Maximization Phase.In this section you’ll learn my step by step formula to identifying the best products, promoting them without sounding salesy, and maximizing follow up conversions by addressing your prospects’ deepest desires and motivating them into action! 




  1. Nailing Your Client Attraction Strategy– You’ll learn the best methods to attract visitors, subscribers and clients into your affiliate marketing business, the text and images to include in your registration pages and WHERE to place your social sharing buttons to encourage VIRAL traffic to your business. 
  2. How to Avoid “Freebie seekers”and Boost Your Response Rate by Up to 40% With the Perfect Indoctrination Email Sequence – Nothing is more frustrating than getting 100 subscribers in your database, and then only seeing a handful engage with you!With more and more people coming online, it’s become CRITICAL that not only you learn how to attract the right people into your business – but that you avoid the “fake outs” so that not only people sign up for your email list, but also that they engage with you in a focused, highly motivated state. Without this, you’re literally throwing time and money down the drain. (Your worked to earn your money, ya know?) 
  3. 5 FREE Marketing Techniques to Collect Email Subscribers– Swiped from my personal vault, you’ll learn 5 surprising techniques that build your email subscriber list at NO additional cost. 
  4. Facebook Ads to Build Your Email List– In this lesson, you’ll learn the Free advertising model that I designed SPECIFICALLY for affiliate marketing (you won’t learn this anywhere else) which results in much higher converstion rates and sales. In a nutshell, you’ll never be short of leads again. 




  1. The 10-Point Preparedness Checklist– Just like a pilot would never take off without a mandatory systems check, you should never promote an affiliate product without first running it through this checklist.Avoid embarrassing blunders and costly glitches by learning how to promote to your email subscriber list the right way (without overdoing or “burning” it), how to write highly engaging emails, how to test your tech setup and how to create a backup plan should anything backfire. (Skip this at your own risk.) 
  2. How to Turn “Bad News” on TV into a Stealthy Sidekick:The specific elements to look out for that transforms any piece of bad news on TV or the newspapers into a potential KEY profit opportunity. And if you DON’T watch or read the news… this module will show you where to go to read ONLY about what’s relevant to your industry and save you time having to sift through the rubbish the media report on every day. 
  3. Promoting Products vs. Services:We’ll demystify the debate, and show you how you need to generate both MASSIVE sales and MASSIVE value for your email subscribers. (Most people do one OR the other. In this module, I’ll show you how this is causing them to fail.) 
  4. The 6 Smart Email and Social Media Engagement Techniques– Lighten up and excite ANY crowd by implementing these simple strategies that keep your audience in a engaged state as they interact with you over the following days, weeks and months. (Hint: If ever you sense that people are reading emails less and less, quickly reach into this bag of tricks to get things back on track). 
  5. How to Turn an Affiliate Promotion Around if the Original Promotion Didn’t Do Well– Do NOT miss the opportunity to turn things around (and maybe even do better than you originally anticipated) even if the original affiliate product or promotion didn’t do well. Every interaction withy your email subscribers is essentially an opportunity to add value and to profit. Learn how to solve problems they don’t even know they have by hitting their emotional sweet spots while satisfying their rational minds. 




  1. How to Get the Most Out of Every InteractionWith Your Marketplace – How often should you email your subscriber list? What should you say? What should the subject line be? How do you encourage your following to take immediate action? In this lesson, you’ll learn the strategies I use in my own business plus the super-simple tech set-up I use to implement it. 
  2. The ‘Authority Positioning’ Automated Email Sequence– It goes without saying that not everyone will hit “buy” right after they first see your affiliate promotion. In fact, for most, your advertising puts them in a “buying state,” but they still require the right guidance, motivation, and gentle nudging to get them to the finish line. I’ll show give you the EXACT email sequence I use to position myself as an authority in the industry and put my subscriber’s minds at ease and maximize sales 
  3. The Ultimate “CPR” Sequence for Any Unresponsive Email List or Audience:What do you do when people in your email list never open or click on your emails? This is where most folks give up, which is a HUGE mistake and leaves thousands of dollars on the table.I’ll show you the specific levers you need to pull (and the super delicate email text) that goes into crafting a special email sequence designed to engage and convert those “unengaged” subscribers that you had all but given up on. By following this template, not only can you salvage some sales out of your unengaged leads, but it may even become your HIGHEST converting segment. 
  4. How to Know if Your Authority Positioning and Marketing is Working– This lesson will show you what metrics you can ignore, and which you ABSOLUTELY must track like a hawk if you want to optimize and increase your sales with each subsequent affiliate promotion. This is how my most successful students have used the Kickstarter to systematically and predictably scale up their revenues to game-changing levels. 




    1. The Big Picture Strategythat puts your profits on autopilot and allows you to FINALLY enjoy this little thing called “passive income.”
    2. Why You Absolutely MUSTResist the Temptation to automate every single part of your affiliate business before you’ve successfully run a few affiliate promotions. (Most people who jump straight into “complete automation” set themselves up for failure.) 
    3. How to Choose the Right Automation Platforms(Infusionsoft, Aweber, Clickfunnels, LeadPages, etc.) 
    4. Effortless Automated Affiliate Marketing Funnel Creation– How to leverage the assets you already created in the 4 moduels above to quickly PLUG into your automated affiliate marketing machine and have it up and running in a matter of hours. 
    5. Live Affiliate Campaigns:You look over my shoulder as I dive into affiliate marketplaces live, hunting for products and profit opportunities. You get to ask questions live as we go along. It’s like having a pro affiliate marketer hand hold you through rece
    6. iving your first affiliate commissions (heck, you can even copy the the campaigns I’m running!) 

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