Roland Frasier – Epic Elite Accelerator (August 2022) Download


It’s a DEEP DIVE into all the nuances, strategies and tactics that on finding businesses to acquire, how to approach the right people, and how to get the deals done!

This Accelerator has EVERYTHING I wished I would have known when I started buying businesses, all organized into a series of micro-steps and personalized mentoring to help you close your first (or next) deal.

Acquire new revenue streams from existing businesses and traffic assets and buy them without investing money out of your own pocket!

If you want to grow your company’s Revenue, Profits and Valuation, this will be the most important mentorship you’ll ever experience…

Week 1-2


  • Dealmaker’s Brain
  • Structure Mastery
  • 50 Deal Blueprints
  • ​21 Case Studies

Week 3-4


  • 77 Deal Sources
  • Pushbutton Deal-flow
  • ​Screening Checklists
  • ​Analyst’s Toolkit

Week 5-6


  • 159 $0 Down Strategies
  • 5,690 Funding Sources
  • Offer Creation Checklist
  • ​Data Rooms + Escrows

Week 7-8


  • 43 Agreements
  • Templates + Checklists
  • Diligence Flowchart
  • ​Post-Close Integration

Each week you will receive 2 hours of training videos (16 hours in total) and then the following week a LIVE 2-hour strategy, execution and deal breakdown call with Roland and his team of EPIC coaches.

In these calls, we’ll walk you through what was discussed in the course and deliver actionable next steps while answering your questions and letting you “peek in” on the deals other students are doing.


  • 57 business buying checklists, templates and scripts, so that you will never be lost or overwhelmed not knowing what to do next because every single process and step of the way you have a document to help guide you
  • 50 Deal Blueprints in our proprietary Opportunity-Strategy Matrix, so that you can see the specific opportunities and strategies that match up with each one
  • 21 Different Case Studies showing all the crazy creative ways that you can do $0 out of pocket deals
  • 153 Deal Sources and our deal automation strategy so you can have an avalanche of deals to choose from and cherry-pick only the very best businesses and traffic assets to acquire
  • 159 different $0 out of pocket deal funding tools, so you have a virtually endless list of possibilities to choose among as you create the “deal stack” to fund your next deal

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