RockzFX Ultimate Scalping Masterclass 4.0 Download


RockzFX Ultimate Scalping Masterclass 4.0 Download

A Unique Approach to 1 Minute Scalping, Simple Powerful & Effective – Using The Highest Level of Market Structure Analysis and Price Action Behavioral Analysis

2020 comes with continuous improvements in our strategies and tactics for all the professionals and beginners in the trading landscape. Therefore, we’ve refined and updated our Courses with critical modules as Masterclass 2.0 / Masterclass Entries 2.0 and Masterclass 3.0 – three essential chapters with comprehensive details on how to think, spot opportunities, place your entry, monitor your trade and employ profitable risk management techniques.

Tested, Proven, & Improved

The information comprised in the Masterclasses mentioned are field-proven by over 2500 students in our community, on any timeframe, whether we’re talking about intra-day or swing trading. Our programs are used with extraordinary results day by day, proved by our active community who continues to strive in this competing business of trading.

  • Become a consistent trader
  • Learn how to read the markets
  • Learn and grow with others
  • Grow in confidence
  • Build faith in your abilities
  • Learn how to own your time
  • Become profitable
  • Become a risk manager
  • Master your emotions
  • Build a successful future plan

You do not need any prior experience, beginners, intermediate and experts are all welcome. Try for a month, or join for a lifetime.

Course Contents

  • Intro
  • What To Expect
  • Data Breakdown
  • Key Elements
  • Perfect Break & Retest
  • DT & DB Continuations
  • LH & HL Continuations
  • Deep Pullback
  • Three Touch Reversal
  • Consolidation Continuation
  • Two Key Levels
  • LH & HL Rules
  • DB & DT Fails – Continuations
  • Range Bound Sells & Buys
  • Four Trend Patterns
  • Pause & Go Entries
  • Wick Rejection Entries
  • Volume Candle Entries
  • Break Out & Break Back In Entries
  • Being Aggressive
  • Three Step Trend
  • Range Bound Trading
  • Volume Candles
  • Long Wick Fake Outs
  • Risk To Reward
  • Trailing Stops
  • Cutting Your Risk
  • Stacking Positions
  • Best Times To Trade
  • Best Pairs To Scalp

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