Ken Wilber – Evolutionary Dynamics Download

Ken Wilber – Evolutionary Dynamics Download

A Five Volume Advanced Training Program
to Master the Integral Framework
and Harness the Forces That Influence
Human Growth & Development

with Acclaimed Author & Philosopher Ken Wilber

Discover How to Harness the Evolutionary Forces
That Influence Your Growth and Potential to

Make a Greater Impact in Our World
If you’re on a path of self-development. you may be witnessing the state of the world today and wondering how this is possible.
How, with all that is known about human development and potential, is the world still in such a deep state of turmoil and conflict?
How is it possible that we’re capable of exploring our solar system, inventing the internet, and decoding our DNA, but we can’t solve our more fundamental global problems—like hunger, poverty, and armed conflict?
There are obviously deeper issues that prevent us from solving the wide array of problems we all face.
If you’re familiar with Ken’s work, you may already know some of the evolutionary dynamics that are influencing these issues.
The truth is, whether we are aware of these subtle evolutionary forces or not, they shape our world-views and our societies. They influence every action we take. They shape our individual lives and our communities.
The discovery of these evolutionary dynamics is one of the most important insights into human nature in modern history and has profound implications for our future if we can learn to how to harness these forces to accelerate our development and affect greater change in our world.

Throughout history, humans have discovered new possibilities and technologies through focused inquiry into the principles of nature.
For example, the discovery of optics led to the the creation of microscopes and telescopes. This opened up breakthroughs in medicine and a deeper understanding of our universe.
The discovery of electricity gave us light and technology. This made the modern world and digital revolution possible.
Each time we discover more about the deeper structures of our reality, we unlock greater capacities to generate change, in ourselves and in the world around us.

Consider the discovery of the Tradewinds…
Just consider, as one example of the power of understanding natural forces, the discovery of the trade winds. These are the winds that blow in consistent patterns over the surface of our planet.
When pioneering mariners first discovered these winds, they revolutionized life on Earth and began what historians call, “The Age of Sail.” This was the dawn of international trade and travel. The world’s great civilizations began to encounter one another in both conflict and cooperation.
It revealed new territories, new opportunities, and new risks. And it fundamentally changed the fate of life on earth. For better or worse, individual lives, regional economies, and even entire nations were irreversible transformed.
And the advantage was in the hands of those who truly understood the Tradewinds. Once a mystery, the ocean winds, became an ally to those who learned to work with them.
The evolutionary dynamics of human growth and development are much like those ocean trade winds…
Once discovered and mastered, they can allow you to reshape your path and your destiny, and contribute to the transformation of life on earth.

Harvard Studies on Self-Evolution
Robert Kegan, professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development at Harvard Graduate School is a pioneering researcher on the forefront of this discovery.
He first presented the idea of self evolution in his 1982 book, The Evolving Self. According to Kegan, self evolution means to take responsibility for your internal authority. To establish your own values and ideologies, independent of those you’ve been handed by culture and by society as a whole.
In Kegan’s work at Harvard, his research revealed the specific stages or “orders” of conscious we all grow through, and they are truly fascinating.

Robert Kegan’s research suggests that those who are able to grow through self-authorship and into self transformation will be able to shape not only themselves, but humanity’s future.

This evolutionary development first requires you to tap into your own capacities to craft your own authentic narrative and rewrite your own life story.

Once this capacity is integrated, and you understand how the process of development really works, you can then consciously take the reins of your own evolution to guide it in the direction of your highest potentials.

And this is why a deep understanding of Evolutionary Dynamics is so profound. Just as an author might use an understanding of language to shape a novel, you will use your understanding of evolution to shape your life.

And, Kegan’s research is just the tip of the iceberg… Hundreds of developmental researchers from around the world have confirmed and expanded upon his conclusions.

One of those researchers is Ken Wilber. He’s spent the last 30 years compiling and organizing the vast amount of evidence, scattered across near every major discipline related to human growth and development.

From this deep study and inquiry he devised a cohesive framework that integrates all major research about human growth and development into a unified system.

This system has come to be known as Integral Theory (AQAL). And, while many people have a general understanding of the framework, very few people have full integrated and mastered it. So Ken and his team have pulled together his life’s work in this definitive advanced training designed to help you cultivate mastery of this developmental framework to accelerate your self-transformation and make a greater impact in the world.

Evolutionary Dynamics
A Five-Volume Advanced Training

Unlock the Power Of LevelsLinesStatesTypesQuadrants

Evolutionary Dynamics is the most comprehensive, in-depth study of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory ever created. This five-volume advanced program guides you, step-by-step, through each of the lenses of the Integral Framework, giving you an incredible opportunity to gain a Masters-level understanding of the evolutionary dynamics that shape your life and our whole reality.

Once you fully understand and have deeply integrated the interplay of these dynamics in your day-to-day experience, you will no longer be at the whim and will of those forces and can instead channel them to create lasting impact in every area of your own life and in our world.

Over the 18 months of the program, you will discover how to truly see those dynamics at work in every moment of your own life and in the lives of family, friends and colleagues, enabling you to more quickly adapt to new situations, learn new skills, and leverage new opportunities when they arise.

The program will provide you with everything you’ll need to cultivate and actualize your highest potentials and help others around you do the same.

With this expanded awareness, that you can to call upon for the rest of your life, a whole new vistas of possibility will open up for you and you will have the capacity to truly become the architect of your own self-transformation.

What You Will Learn:

5 Amazing Capacities You’ll Develop When
You Harness the Power of Evolutionary Dynamics

1. Cultivate A Greater Mastery of Yourself

Once you fully understand and have deeply mastered the interplay of evolutionary dynamics within yourself, you’ll develop the capacity to channel that energy as fuel for your transformation. You’ll illuminate your core strengths and unique gifts while learning how to best leverage them. You’ll uncover your developmental weaknesses and shadow pathologies while learning how to work with and correct them. You’ll cultivate the ability to perceive yourself through multiple lenses thereby gaining deeper insight into who you really are and all that you are capable of being.

2. Access Profound Insight into Other People

In your work and in your private life, you’ll be able to see evolutionary dynamics at play in everyone you meet, allowing you to understand and communicate with them much more effectively. You’ll develop the capacity to see the world through the eyes of others and be able to authentically relate and empathize with them at a much deeper level. You’ll understand their core values and motivations, even if they don’t themselves. You’ll dramatically improve your ability to create connection, resolve conflict and support others in cultivating their higher potentials.

3. Understand the Dynamics Behind World Events

You’ll develop the capacity to understand the evolutionary dynamics at play in both local and world events. The subtle influences behind regional and national conflicts will become crystal clear and the cultural dramas on the world stage will begin to make perfect sense.  You’ll also discover how to best leverage your time and energy to create real impact in the causes that are most important to you.

4. Predict the Future with Greater Accuracy

You’ll not only be able to see evolutionary dynamics at work everywhere in the world around you, you’ll be able to see how those dynamics have shaped your life and everyone else’s, as well as the whole history of our species. And because you’ll be able to see those dynamics so clearly, you’ll often be able to effectively predict the future and seemingly read people’s minds, as you’ll be able to see exactly where they are in the evolutionary current. You can then use your understanding of those dynamics to connect with them at their level of development and create lasting impact in their lives and in the world.

5. Experience A New Level of Possibility In Your Life

As you attain greater mastery of evolutionary dynamics, you’ll gain the ultimate advantage in “self-authoring” your life and contributing to the creation of a more conscious and sustainable world. You’ll deeply understand the process of developmental evolution and its trajectory towards greater integration and wholeness. You’ll discover how to harness these evolutionary forces to empower your own development and self-author your life. You’ll gain a deeper insight into the underlying unity that pervades existence and the limitless potential that is latent within us all.

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