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Elise Darma – Story Vault & Sales Vault

Story Vault is an entire YEAR’s worth of strategic Instagram Story prompts and ideas (over 800!) covering the four key seasons of business growth:


It’s for the busy entrepreneur who wants to leverage the power of Stories without the pain-in-the-butt feeling of, “What do I share today?”
Story Vault is perfect for COACHES and CONSULTANTS (in both the B2B and B2C markets), FREELANCERSAGENCIES, and COURSE CREATORS who don’t want just random (and fruitless) Story ideas…
But prompts they can choose from based on the season of biz that they’re in.


  • Get visible in your market… so that you go from being invisible and unknown to: “OMG I love watching your Stories!”
  • Boost your engagement… so that you never get a “crickets only” response to your Stories again
  • ​Get qualified, ready-to-buy leads so you can build up your email list or book out your call calendar
  • ​Lock in chart-topping sales to your programs, products and offers (so you can STOP aimlessly posting on social media and actually see a return from it!)


SAVE YOU TIME…And give you an ENTIRE year’s worth of unique Story prompts and ideas, so that you’re no longer invisible on the world’s #1 social media app

GET YOUR STRATEGY ON POINT…So that you’re not just posting pics of your morning coffee, but actually generating visibility, engagement, leads and sales

BE YOUR CONTENT PLANNING GUIDE…Giving you a fresh Story prompt based on the season that you’re in. Plus, you’ll be able to build in a reminder of who to follow up with – either in Trello, Asana or Google Sheets.

ALL TOGETHER, THAT’S…200 Visibility Booster Prompts (value $57)In a season of just needing to be seen? Feel like your current audience is tapped out, and you’re needing a breath of fresh followers?

Get new eyes on your profile and bio by choosing from the 200“Visibility Booster” Story prompts – and use Stories to get new followers.
Choose from 100 Business-to-Business (B2B) prompts, or 100 Business-to-Consumer (B2C) prompts.200 Conversation Starter Prompts (value $57)Feeling like your Stories and posts are met with cricket sounds? No one answered your last poll – again? (Don’t worry – it happens to the best of us.)
You, my friend, might be in a season of needing to generate engagement. Choose from the 200 “Conversation Starter” prompts to re-warm your followers back up to you… and just have friendly chats again!
Choose from 100 Business-to-Business (B2B) prompts, or 100 Business-to-Consumer (B2C) prompts.200 Lead Generator Prompts (value $57)Need to grow your email list, get more qualified calls booked in, or just get more replies and DMs to your Stories?
Sounds like list-building and lead generation are your focus right now… so you’ll select prompts from the 200 (aptly named) “Lead Generator” prompts. Put those call-to-actions to use and watch as your DMs… (as the kids say)… blow up!
Choose from 100 Business-to-Business (B2B) prompts, or 100 Business-to-Consumer (B2C) prompts.200 Money Maker Prompts (value priceless just kidding $57)Exciting times… are you running a live launch or actively selling an offer? And you’re finally ready to use social media to A.B.C. (Always Be Closing)?
Browse the 200 prompts in the Money Makers category… and strategically drive on-the-fence buyers to your Direct Messages where you’ll close the sale.
Choose from 100 Business-to-Business (B2B) prompts, or 100 Business-to-Consumer (B2C) prompts.BONUS 25 Magic Questions (value $47)Never again be stuck on how to end your Story with an enticing call-to-action (CTA).
Choose from this list of 25 “must answer” questions that invite viewers to hit reply and send you a message! Hollah!BONUS Creating Stories for Instagram 101 (value $47)Whether you’re new to Stories or a seasoned pro… watch this in-app tour to get up to speed on all the many money-making features hidden inside of the world’s #1 social media app.BONUS The Secret Sales Formula of Stories That Sell (value $47)Learn the sales formula that’ll put you ahead of 90% of your competition. Most people post to their Stories with no plan and little context.
Discover the 3-step formula that’ll set your Stories up for success with your viewers meaning: views, replies, leads and sales.BONUS On Camera Training For The Camera-Shy Person (value $47)As a former broadcaster and alumni of Canada’s #1 University broadcasting program, discover my 3 secrets to speaking on camera, including how to look good, speak smoothly – and not feel like a bumbling klutz while talking to a piece of metal and glass. #LetsBeReal
At the end, you’ll feel excited to show up on video (and have a few tricks up your sleeve on the days where you do NOT!).BONUS Access to Elise Darma’s Money Vault Club on Facebook (actually priceless)Stay connected with me and other like-minded entrepreneurs who all have the same goal: using social media intentionally and strategically.
And join in on my monthly Office Hours to get your questions about Instagram or online business marketing answered by yours truly.

200 Visibility Booster Prompts (Value $57)200 Conversation Starter Prompts (Value $57)200 Lead Generator Prompts (Value $57)200 Money Maker Prompts (Value $57)BONUS: 25 Magic Questions (Value $47)BONUS: Creating Stories For Instagram 101 (Value $47)BONUS: The Secret Sales Formula Of Stories That Sell (Value $47)BONUS: On Camera Training For The Camera-Shy Person (Value $47)BONUS: Access To Elise Darma’s Money Vault Club On Facebook (Priceless)


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