Lab ELITE is your key to finally getting things done

A private community that includes monthly workshops, group coaching & accountability, access to our certifications, and everything else Lab has to offer. When you Join Lab ELITE, you’re done.

Introducing Digital Marketer Lab ELITE



Interactive, virtual workshops and on-demand trainings bring you the latest, most up-to-date information.


Ask the DM faculty and your fellow ELITE Members anything via the private, members-only Facebook Group.


Fun, monthly challenges and diagnostic tools keep you focused and motivated to achieve your business goals.



What Do You Actually Get?


  • Live, 1-Day Virtual Workshops that kick off every month
  • Workshops are followed by “ELITE Office Hours” to get your most important questions answered & remove obstacles.
  • An ELITE Critique session to grade your project using our diagnostic tool and instructor to get your project ready to ship
  • Mastermind with fellow members and the DM team via the private, Members-Only Facebook Group
  • Rinse and repeat every month ?
  • FOCUSED training COMBINED with group coaching and masterminding (so stuff actually gets done)
  • Tap into high-level network of founder and executives all aligned to the exact same goals and on the exact same journey as you
  • The latest tips and tricks, along with the advice and feedback to know you’re executing the right way… the first time.
  • Under-the-hood visibility into what’s going on in my other businesses
  • All the benefits that come with Lab (including its size) PLUS a smaller, tight-knit “community within a community”



The Process: Lab ELITE Execution Cycles


Each month we’ll be introducing a new Execution Cycle to help you complete a digital marketing project in just 10 days. Launching is only part of the fun, in our Private Facebook Group, you’ll be able to share your results and tweak each campaign with the DM team and other ELITE Members!


Digital Marketer – LAB Elite


Stage 1: ELITE Workshop (Day 1)

Every new Execution Cycle starts with an ELITE Workshop. This live, 6-hour workshop (emphasis on work) will give you the instructions you need to get your project off the ground. The training is dedicated to giving you the foundations and deliverables necessary to get your project ready to publish in 8 days.


Stage 2: ELITE Office Hours (Day 2)

We want to strike while the iron is hot, so the day after your workshop we’ll be holding an hour-long office hours call to get those final questions answered and remove any of those roadblocks that will keep you from pushing this project to the backburner. In fact, these calls are designed to educate and inspire you to take your project to 110%


Stage 3: Mastermind (Days 3-7)

During this implementation period you’re going to have the opportunity to share your work and get advice from 200 other Lab ELITE members who are all working on the same project. These insights will give you the information you need during your implementation process before the upcoming Elite Critique.


Stage 4: ELITE Critique (Day 8)

After the workshop and the office hours call we want you to get to work. You’ll have an entire week to get your project ready to review. During ELITE Critique your instructor set aside 3 hours to grade your project using an internal diagnostic tool. This process will ensure that your project will be ready to ship.


Stage 5: Shipping Day (Day 10)

This is where all the hard work comes to a head. Your work MUST go live to the public that day. So publish that pillar post, send traffic to that lead magnet, kick off that automation sequence, just flip that switch from off to on!


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