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Codie Sanchez – 7 Figure Newsletter

How do you launch a newsletter that makes 7 figures in 12 months? That’s a great question.

When we launched Contrarian Thinking, it grew from 0 to 100k+ subs, then ​had 4, then 5, then 6 figure months, but we really had NO IDEA what we were doing.

The whole time I wished there was a resource where I could follow in others’ paths. But there were none.


Learn how to build wealth, create influence, and impact others through a newsletter and email list.

You Might Be Thinking…

I’m not sure if I can do this? Is it worth it to focus on newsletter growth? Why don’t I just go start and do this myself? Does this matter if I’m in a SaaS business? I’m not a good enough writer.

Excuses! None of those should stop you.

Anyone with this playbook and dedication can turn their business, their brain and a newsletter into a profitable thriving business.

What’s Included?

Everything we wish we knew when we originally launched Contrarian Thinking. Our goal is to give you an entire playbook that will get YOU to your 100’s of thousands of subscribers and millions in revenue.

PLUS – we will update it based on your feedback and questions. We’ve already done this…

What You Get:

  • 8 Step by Step Modules
  • 40+ Detailed Chapters
  • 5+ Videos & Hours of Tailored Content
  • Interviews from Newsletter Creators of 20k to 100k+
  • Business Models, Financial Models, Tech Stack, Scripts, Templates & Guides
  • Our Internal Memos, Notes on What Worked and Didn’t & Analytics Pages
Remove questions on growth with our own editable financial models.

What’s more is that inside you’ll find our exact strategies for omnichannel marketing growth that drives subscriptions to your newsletter and awareness to your brand. You’ll hear our top do’s and don’ts for social platforms like TikTok and Twitter and how we’ve spent ZERO dollars on ads to grow our audience.

Add to your marketing flywheel with exact steps to audience growth through content and social marketing.

So, why a newsletter if you already have a business? There are 4 types of leverage and your audience is one of them.

With the course you’ll be able to:

  • Add add’l rev streams
  • Drive more traffic to your business
  • Create more influence through awareness
  • Capitalize on the power of a content flywheel

Add your first, or 5th revenue stream with ways to monetize your audience through newsletters and more.

Learn from some of the top minds in the creator space on how to expand your reach and create additional revenue streams with newsletters.

Don’t recreate the wheel, steal the entire playbook by taking the 7 Figure Newsletter Course.

We’re available at any time for questions.

Sales Page: Download Files Size: 1.59 GB

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