Alexey Lyakh & Ryker Gamble – IG Millions

Alexey Lyakh & Ryker Gamble – IG Millions

Learn how to

Set up and Optimize your IG Account

Create and Post Viral Content

Get consistent daily growth

Grow thousands of real followers

Make money doing what you love

Leverage free products, accommodations & experiences

Why you should join

Be your own boss!

Work from ANYWHERE

Become part of a multi-billion dollar industry

Build your personal or business brand

Meet a community of supportive people

Make money just using your phone

What’s included?

80+ Videos

20hrs + Curriculum

Private Discussion Boards

Ongoing Support

1-on-1 Assignment Feedback

Live Q&A’s

Epic Bonuses!


Content – 14 Video Chapters and Detailed Workbooks

How to create an amazing account and grow your Instagram following to over a million followers!


Additional Monetization & Shortcuts Modules

How to make money from your Instagram following – shortcuts and insights to expedite your journey towards monetization!


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Connect & Grow!

Your network is your net worth – collaborate with us and other students as we all journey to one million followers!

Who is this course For?

No matter what your passion is, or where your interests lie, IG MILLIONS will provide you the tools, strategies, and community necessary to build a powerful Instagram page! It doesn’t matter how many followers you have today – be it 100, 100K or literally zero – we have compiled all the insights and learning into one course to take you from clue-less to clued-in … from feeling like an outsider looking in, to an inside of a thriving underground Instagram community, where growth and opportunity is what it’s all about.

What will the course teach?

IG MILLIONS is a systematic process that teaches you the skills, tools, and strategies that we have implemented to build a network of over 20 million followers. We will walk you through the entire building and growth process from start to finish so that no matter where you are in your journey, you can implement our tactics today to achieve the growth you want and be well on your way to making money from your Instagram account!

 We cover topics such as…

  • Setting up and optimizing your account

  • Creating and posting viral content

  • Getting on the Explore page

  • Beating the Instagram algorithm

  • Growing 1K – 10K followers a day

  • Monetizing your account

  • Making over $100K a year from your Instagram account!

Why did we make IG MILLIONS?

When we first started to see success on Instagram, a lot of things began to happen for us. Between traveling the world, building a thriving media company, and working with brands we loved, it became quickly apparent that many others wished to pursue a similar path as ours, to know the ins and outs of how we created this lifestyle of freedom and abundance – BUT NOBODY WAS


After we posted our first Instagram marketing video, which showed how we grew an Instagram account from 0 to 100K followers in 48 hours, we received over 20,000 emails in 5 days, and the video attracted 1 million views in under a month. It was clear to us then that there was so many people out there that were interested in knowing what we know, to know the insights and tools we rely on daily. So we developed IG MILLIONS – an extensive online course designed to teach you every aspect of the Instagram growth game. With an influential Instagram account, you can pursue a life driven by your passion, and more importantly, be your own boss from anywhere in the world with  the ability to build thriving 6-7 figure businesses like so many people we know.


  •  this is NOT a “get-rich-quick” scheme – you must dedicate yourself and put in the work. However, if you follow the guidelines we teach, building a powerful community of people to support you along your journey, there is no reason you can’t achieve even your highest goals.

  • The effort you put into your Instagram account is COMPOUNDING, meaning it increases in value as you continue to work on it.

  • You might be asking, “How is any of this possible?!

  • In 2017 Instagram Generated $1.3 Billion in Mobile Ad Revenue

  • The way advertisers spend money has changed forever. Advertising dollars are now ending up in the hands of people like us, who have grown large followings on Instagram. With over 1 billion MAUs (Monthly Active Users) there has never been a better time to learn how to build and grow a profitable Instagram account and stand out from the rest! The time to take advantage of this is NOW. Stop watching other people live their dream life and start living yours today!

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  • We have students, clients, and friends who have landed film & television roles, started successful YouTube channels, sold their artwork and other creations, travelled the world with friends and family, spoken on stage at TED, raised millions of dollars for start-ups, and made 6-7 figures a year … all because of their powerful Instagram account!

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