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Build Your Amazon FBA Brand and Liberate Yourself from the 9 to 5!


After watching too many people follow the advice of fake “gurus” who haven’t actually created an amazon fba business and mislead individuals to invest thousands of dollars in unsustainable products or marketplaces, it was time to set the record straight…

When you are first starting out on Amazon FBA, you’ll feel exactly like I did. There is a lot to learn and it feels much more complicated than it really is – and that doing them wrong will end up costing hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone but for those who are ready to escape the rat race & focus on building their own empire instead of someone else – Let’s take the whole process and break it down. We’ll establish how to find profitable products, put together your listing, and then launch and scale your business until we crack the results you’re after!



When You Join the Freedom Builders Accelerator, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Tom Hayes Freedom Builders Accelerator

Module 1: Welcome and Amazon Seller Central Set Up

  • Getting prepared with the correct mindset to build your own Amazon brand with rapid results
  • How to properly set up your Amazon Sellers Account
  • How to set up your LLC
  • Ways to fund your Business
  • How to Handle Sales Tax & Insurance
  • And more!


Module 2: Product Research to Dominate Your Market

  • Everything you need to know to easily and predictably find successful Amazon products to sell.
  • What tools to select to achieve the best and fastest results
  • The 8 Liberator Product Research Methods
  • The Exclusive Liberator 3 tiered Product Research Technique
  • The Categories to choose for maximum results and the ones to avoid
  • How to check for patents, trademarks, and restrictions before selecting a product
  • How to find winning products in International Markets
  • How to differentiate from the competition with Brand Building Strategies
  • And much much more!

Module 3: Finding and Negotiating with Quality Suppliers & Shipping Methods

  • The exact step-by-step process to choose the highest quality suppliers
  • Learn to source products from anywhere in the world
  • The Formula to determine the exact number of units to order
  • Hacks to communicate with suppliers to get fast responses
  • Calculating Amazon Fees to understand what to expect before launch
  • How to ship your product
  • The Liberators Supplier template to contact Freight forwarders & Suppliers!

Module 4: Create a Superior Listing with Complete Optimization

  • How to craft a superior, higher quality, listings that crush your competition
  • The best way to get a great logo and professional branding for your product
  • Finding the highest converting Keyword break down
  • How to determine the price point to sell your product for the best results
  • How to get the best photos in your marketplace
  • Enroll in Brand Registry
  • And more!


Module 5: Launching your Product, Ranking on 1st Page, & Getting Reviews

  • How to properly launch your product
  • Key points to know before initiating your launch
  • The exclusive Liberator Launch method to take over your marketplace and get sales from day one of launching
  • How to get initial reviews that are Amazon Complaint
  • Creating beautiful effective product inserts
  • Erasing negative seller feedback from your listing
  • How to use amazon coupons and more!

Module 6: Mastering Amazon PPC Advertising

  • Introducing the Liberator PPC Blueprint with everything you need to know about Amazon PPC
  • Step by Step how to create and run effective campaigns
  • My top strategies for ranking, indexing, and increasing conversions
  • Optimizing your PPC Campaigns for the best profit margins
  • How to read Amazon PPC reports
  • And more!

Module 7: Scaling Your Amazon Brand with Facebook Ads

  • A full break down of Facebook Ads
  • The proven strategies for running targeted Facebook Ads to your customers
  • How to find the best influencers to promote your product
  • Capture your customer’s email address with Clickfunnels
  • Establishing your brand’s social media presence
  • And more!

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