Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth – The Infinity Project

Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth – The Infinity Project

The 3-Step System we use to Generate Highly Profitable “Impulse Pages”

that can be copied by anyone, regardless of age or experience – using a unique approach that allows you to be up and running in as little as 24 hours

From the desks of Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth.

I’m assuming the reason you’re here is that you’ve heard the excitement and buzz around this new opportunity, seen the indisputable proof that it (consistently) works, and are ready to join the thousands of students who’ve already joined us.

If so, quickly scroll down to the bottom of this page and take action immediately.

However, if you’re still on the fence, or simply need a little more information before getting started, that’s fine… there is a little more time, so read this page carefully (but quickly).

You see, in the next few minutes, the days of struggling to make money online are finally going to end – and faster than you may think – because what we’re going to reveal is…

…the exact model we have personally used to generate millions of dollars over the past few years.

And this is despite being one of the most automated and “hands-off” businesses we currently run.

Before we go any further, keep in mind what we are going to be talking about today involves:

NO technical knowledge… NO buying inventory… and NO complications

…and this is something ANYONE can do as there are no special skills or expertise needed at all.

Now you might be thinking, if this is so easy, then why are so many people struggling to succeed online?

And that’s a great question, because the truth is that it does not need to be difficult.

The key is to copy a PROVEN system that you know WORKS.

The reality is, we have helped many, many students achieve truly life-changing incomes using this method and we know for a fact that it is possible to make money VERY quickly because we have designed the system to be set up and ready to generate cash in as little as 24 hours.

In fact, the whole concept is actually remarkably simple, as is the formula you need to apply in order to make money from it.

The other important thing to say is that is NOT a “loophole” that will be closed-off and defunct in a few months time…

It is SIMPLE, CONSISTENT – you are always in complete control… and are not subject to algorithm and rule changes by Amazon, Google, Facebook and the other major platforms.

Selling products and making money in this way has been working online AND offline for decades.

And with our unique approach, it is now something ANYONE can do, regardless of experience or age.

In fact, we have structured it so there are…


X You don’t need to risk money on inventory (this is NOT ecommerce)…

X There are no barriers to entry or complicated technical hurdles to overcome…

X You don’t need to talk to people (suppliers, wholesalers, customers etc)…

You simply follow the process to create an incredible revenue stream.

We call them the F.A.V. Factors

Let’s run through what these are. Firstly, the F stands for…


One common issue we see is that people try to do too many things at once, which results in overwhelm.

They’re unable to carve out distraction-free “creativity time” each day, and spend far too much time on emails, texts, WhatsApp, and social media.

To make matters worse, they work on things that DON’T matter and DON’T move the needle which invariably leads to burnout and frustration.

Which ties into the next factor…


Attitude is a HUGE REASON why many people don’t get anywhere, because a negative attitude is like an ‘inner demon’ that can destroy a person’s confidence, happiness and passion.

A negative attitude also enhances the fear of failure… which leads to people giving up at the first hurdle they encounter.

Finally, there’s…


Have you ever had difficulty visualizing the “finish line”? If so, you are not alone. This is a very common struggle people have before they come in and work with us.

This is a problem because if you don’t know what the finish line looks like, you won’t be able to create a game-plan to get there.

No game-plan = No real framework = Disaster

Lastly, we find people have real problems setting goals they BELIEVE are achievable. And this last point is really key because the reality is if you know what your end aims are, if you can keep a positive attitude, and can remaining focused…

…then building a successful business and making money gets MUCH Faster & MUCH Easier.

What You Get:

COMPONENT 1The Master Training – An 8 Week Program With 100+ Training Videos

It begins with the 3-Steps revealing how to get to $100/day quickly… followed by a full 8 weeks of training taking you through 100 step-by-step videos .

We’ll take you by the hand through each vital stage of the system so you can follow along, copy the steps and profit as fast as possible.

Plus, to make sure you advance at full-speed, there are weekly milestones and checkpoints to keep you on track.

COMPONENT 2The Execution Plans – Step-By-Step Manuals & Mindmaps

The next component is all about making sure you NEVER feel lost or left wondering if anything is missing.

These fully mapped out execution plans ensure you follow and implement each key step, and run through every one of the action-steps for each module one at a time so that you progress successfully.

You also get a graphical MindMap for each module so you can visualize the big picture of the processes as you move forward.

COMPONENT 3Done-For-You Niches – Accelerate The Process With Done-For-You Content

If you’ve ever struggled with niche selection in the past, then we have completely eliminated this obstacle for you.

You’re going to be getting Done-For-You impulse pages AND Lead Magnets ready to go for 9 different niches.

It is as simple as choosing your favorite, plugging it in and you’re in business almost instantly.

These ‘Done For You’ Niches give you a dramatic advantage, because the templates have been proven to convert to the tune of hundreds of dollars per day.

COMPONENT 4Done-For-You Funnels – Fully Mapped Out Sales Funnels

As we mentioned, we’re giving you everything you need to get up and running fast – with NO complications. This is literally “plug ‘n’ play”.

Nothing can get in your way, because you’re also going to be getting entire profit funnels for each of the 9 done-for-you niches which are fully mapped out and written for you in order to maximize your commissions.

All you need to do is fill in the blanks, load them up and you are ready to go.

Not only will you save thousands of dollars in outsourcing fees without the need to hire expensive copywriters, you’ll also save yourself weeks of grueling work putting these together yourself.

COMPONENT 5The Traffic Blueprints – Drive Targeted Visitors Quickly & Easily

This section of the training is where we eliminate the biggest and most confusing nightmare for new and experienced online business owners alike – website traffic.

That’s why we’re giving you all our secrets, so the traffic problem is SOLVED!

It’s as simple as going through the checklists and cheat sheets, and following the action steps. You’ll also get blueprint manuals and video training that reveals how to drive in both free and paid traffic.

These cover just about any and every traffic getting channel available:

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google… as well as our personal top-secret traffic channels we share only with members, to ensure they remain wide open opportunities for our community to profit from.

COMPONENT 6Phase X – Special Strategies To Boost Your Income

This is where things begin to get really exciting. We’ll unveil a series of ‘secret techniques’ you can leverage in order to double, triple or quadruple your income.

This is a VERY special addition to the training. You’ll open up step-by-step manuals filled with the exact secrets we personally use to generate up to $5000 per day.

You read that right.. these are tactics we have NEVER made public before.

COMPONENT 7Support & Coaching – The Private Help-Desk & Forum

If you’re worried about ANYTHING at all, don’t be. We’ve got you covered every step of the way.

You will literally have a team of 7-figure earners right by your side. We’ve helped tens of thousands of students build successful online businesses and we can help solve ANY problem you have.

This alone makes the decision to get started a no-brainer. We will be giving you all the support you need via our private help desk and Facebook group. Ask questions and get help as and when you need it.

COMPONENT 8The 60-Day “Super-Seller” Challenge

The challenge is designed to:

Encourage action, build momentum and force you to the finish line.

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