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The Reseller’s Guide to A Year in FBA

A Month by Month Guide to a Profitable Amazon Business

Stephen & Rebecca Smotherman – FullTime FBA

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to always be prepared for whatever comes your way in your Amazon business? Do you ever get frustrated because it seems like you’re always a few steps behind other Amazon sellers? If you’re finally ready to always be ready, then this course is for you. 

 The ​Problem

​The big retail store put new toys on clearance last week, but all the good stuff is gone.

You want to make money from major & minor holidays, but don’t know how.

The “Summer Slowdown” halted your sales to next to nothing.

You just got charged a huge storage fee and have no idea why it was so big.

Cyber Monday sales seem to be good for other sellers, but yours were just OK.

You wish you bought more of the right items to sell during Q4.

You’re missing out on a lot of profitable opportunities simply because you’re not prepared.

 The Solution

​The Reseller’s Guide to A Year in FBA: A Month by Month Guide to a Profitable Amazon Business.

  • A 240+ page book with profit-packed chapters for each month of the year
  • Live webinar trainings throughout 2020 (with access to replays)
  • ​​Live Q&A with Stephen during the live webinars
  • ​Exclusive Year in FBA Facebook group
  • ​​Year in FBA digital notebook and calendar
  • Access to over 12 hours of archived monthly training videos from last year
  • ​Free updates (every year) of the book and bonuses for life
  • ​​60-day refund policy with no questions asked

    ​Scroll down to find out what else you get

​​In The Reseller’s Guide to a Year in FBA, I will break down exactly what to expect for each month of your FBA business. Here is just a taste of what the book will have to offer:

  • ​​Which types of items are the best to buy in each month for resale
  • ​​​What important Amazon deadlines are coming up
  • ​​​The best times to reprice your inventory
  • ​​How to avoid rolling long-term storage fees
  • ​​​How to deal with current and future brand restrictions
  • ​How to increase your chances of getting approved to sell restricted items
  • ​​How to avoid the summer sales slow down
  • ​​​How to increase your sales on Prime day
  • ​​How to prepare and profit from the major (and minor) holidays
  • ​The best time of the year to improve your feedback score (and how)
  • ​The best month to use advanced online arbitrage strategies
  • ​How to have the best Q4 with the “Q4 snowball method”
  • How and when to run your Amazon business reports for tax purposes
    ​and so much more!

 ​Who is Stephen Smotherman? 

​​I’m Stephen Smotherman, and I’ve been selling online since 1998 and on Amazon since 2011. I currently make a full-time income (working only part-time hours) selling via Fulfillment by Amazon. With my FBA income, I’m able to support my wife and boys and only work when I want to work. I truly love helping other ​

​FBA sellers, so I decided to share my month by month guide with you. I know it will help you take your FBA business to the next level.

stephan smotherman
If you’re ready to always be ready, then grab The Reseller’s Guide to a Year in FBA today.

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