The Quiz Funnel Masterclass By Ryan Levesque Download

Ryan Levesque – The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Download
Ryan Levesque – The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Download

How to Quickly Generate a Flood of Highly Qualified Leads Using a QUIZ Funnel
(And How to Convert Those Leads into Clients Step-by-Step)

Could You Build YOUR Business on the Back of a QUIZ?
There’s never been a better time to start or grow your business with THIS competitive advantage. Whether you are selling…

  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Products
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Agency & Freelancing
  • High Ticket Programs
  • Selling via Webinar
  • Product Launches
  • Or Phone Appointments
  • If You’re A Local Business
  • Large Multinational Company
  • Or Even A Complete Beginner!

Big Companies Everywhere are Leveraging the “Personalization Phenomenon” With QUIZZES…
From Saatva Mattress, the $375 million mattress company that came out of nowhere on the back of a quiz, the well-known bridal company David’s Bridal, the skincare company Murad, AirBnB, and markets ranging from coffee subscriptions to vitamins to charities to even the RV market…

Quizzes are EVERYWHERE.

Quizzes are both HUGELY POPULAR and MASSIVELY EFFECTIVE to sell MORE of your products or services…

We Help Both Big Companies & Complete Beginners Build Highly-Profitable QUIZ Funnels for Different Types of Businesses Including…

Snack Nation generates over $24M per year, tripled their revenue, and cut their cost per lead through their QUIZ funnel.

Info Products
Charlie Wallace went from $12K/mo to $2.2M/yr + Named Top 10 Entrepeneur under 30 thru his Guitar Course QUIZ.

Affiliate Marketing
Over $319,619 in affiliate commission in < 30 days selling TRIBE from the email list built through a single QUIZ Funnel.

Email List Building
Gaby and Luis Carlos built an email list of 1,018,522 leads in < 10 days at a cost of $0.26/lead with a 4x ROI thru their QUIZ.

Getting Clients
Morgan Gist MacDonald sells her $15K High Ticket directly on the back of her “Publishing Path” QUIZ Funnel.

Loan Builder QUIZ Funnel Assessment generated over 20,000 Customers and led to a $183M PayPal acquisition.

Michael Hyatt’s “Platform Assessment” QUIZ to webinar generates $203,451/month, and a 61% cold traffic opt-in rate.

Amy Porterfield had a $5M product launch on the back of her “What Type of Course is Right for You” QUIZ Funnel.

Neil Gordon went from driving for Lyft to earning $100K/month in < 2 years through is “Public Speaker Type” QUIZ.

I Discovered This Almost By Accident…
The year was 2008, and I was working for AIG in China when the recession hit and I quit my job to start my own business. I was terrified, but I knew I HAD to do it.

I grew up working class (my mom cut hair for a living), and after studying neuroscience at Brown and then working on Wall Street… I thought I wanted a corporate life with a nice salary and benefits. But something was missing. The dream of starting my own business just wouldn’t let go…until I finally decided to make the leap.

I’m telling you this because if you’ve been putting this off, there’s no better time to start (or grow) a business from your home working remotely, selling and marketing digitally. I struggled at first to grow my business, until I experimented with a new type of funnel (what would later become called a QUIZ Funnel) to ASK my market what they wanted and then GIVE it to them…

When I was growing up, I thought I wanted a good, steady job. But life had other plans…

I Used Quiz Funnels to Enter 23 “Weird” Niche Markets

  • Scrabble Tile Jewelry
  • Orchid Care
  • Memory Improvement
  • Water Filtration
  • Satellite TV
  • Fish Oil Supplements
  • Flea Removal
  • Violet Care
  • And more…

I began using QUIZ Funnels in these markets because I didn’t really know much about many of these markets myself. At first, I struggled to get any traction.

So after doing a little bit of research, I tested something new:

When someone landed on my website, I began to ASK questions to better understand their situation.

And then I put that person into one of several “buckets” so that I could CUSTOMIZE the message and the product for their situation.

And it WORKED! Within 18 months, I had gone from making $370/month to $24,275/month.

Within 18 Months I Was Making…

I began to refine this process, tweaking and improving it based on the results, and within three years, I was making $117,000 a month.

And I was building businesses in all these different markets with lists of hundreds of thousands of email subscribers each.

In total, I generated over 4.1 million email subscribers…

And my success started getting the attention of other companies out there, who began reaching out asking if there was any way that I could do this sort of thing for them.

Within 3 Years I Was Making…

So I started building QUIZ Funnels for other companies, and before I knew it clients were paying anywhere from $15,000-$50,000 up front, PLUS $5,000/month retainer, PLUS a 5% royalty payment on gross sales.

Royalty payments were anywhere from a few thousands dollars a month to upwards of $60,000/month for a single funnel. This was royalty passive income that I was generating on the back of the QUIZ Funnels I was building in market after market.

Creating QUIZ Funnels for clients is incredibly lucrative.
I wrote two Bestselling books Choose and ASK, the latter named by Inc. as the #1 Marketing Book of the Year and by Entrepreneur as the #2 Must-Read Book for Budding Entrepreneurs.

And I built a three-time Inc. 500 training company teaching thousands of business owners how to do this…

We’ve landed on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing companies in America, including being the #50 Fastest Growing Education Company in the United States.

Using the power of Quiz Funnels I built the ASK Method Company, which landed on the Inc. 5000 list in 2017, 2018, and 2019, including #50 on the Fastest Growing Education Company in the United States.

“Using Quiz Funnels We’ve Generated Over $32M and 4.1 MILLION Email Subscribers… Over The Last 5 Years”

We’ve generated over $32.7 Million and 4.1 Million Email Subscribers in the last 5 years alone using the power of QUIZ Funnels.
I’m a co-founder and investor in®, a leading QUIZ Funnel software for entrepreneurs used by over 30M people each year…And my work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, Entrepreneur, on NBC News and Fox.

Today, 12 years later, I make between $1M and $2M every single month working from home, where I get to spend time with my wife Tylene and my two boys Henry and Bradley…

But this isn’t just about my success. This is about the THOUSANDS of people (in wildly different markets, and with all kinds of business models), who have used QUIZ Funnels to build consistent income, have the time freedom that they want, and have a bigger impact on the world.

Top 5 Reasons Why
QUIZ Funnels Are So Effective

Incredibly CHEAP LEADS:
When you’re paying for traffic, the less you pay per lead, the more leads you can get. A QUIZ Funnel can cut your lead costs by 1/3 or even 1/10 so you can bring more people in. We have clients who routinely take their cost per lead from $5.00+ to under $0.50 through their QUIZ.

Imagine going from $6.00 per lead to $0.76 per lead just by adding a QUIZ!

Not only can you get incredibly cheap leads, you can double or triple your sales conversion rate. When you know more about your audience, you can customize your COPY and OFFER based on their answers to increase the percentage of people who buy.

This Inc. 500 company TRIPLED their revenue to make $24M/year with a QUIZ.

Incredibly HIGH VOLUME:
Not only are you paying less per lead, you can also drive a lot more VOLUME, because people love taking quizzes! Businesses moving to QUIZ Funnels grow their list by 10X-80X because of the VOLUME of leads this strategy can produce.

This QUIZ has generated 1M+ email opt-ins (profitably) in less than 10 days.

A QUIZ Funnel lets you gather more information about your leads and customers. That lets you build a database that increases the VALUE of your list (and your business), making it an attractive prospect for bigger companies to acquire your business.

This QUIZ led to an acquisition by Paypal for over $183 Million!

Better SELL, Better SERVE:
YOU win. But most importantly, your customer WINS because you’re delivering the best fit content, product, and offer that’s customized to THEIR situation.

So you can make a bigger impact on more people with what you do.

And This Works With ALL Types of Niches and Markets Online…

Whether You’re Selling…

  • One Product or Service…
  • Few Different Products…
  • A Whole Bunch of Products

Whether People in Your Market…

  • Have Different Challenges…
  • Are in Different Situations or…
  • At Different Steps on a Journey…

Whether You Want More People To…

  • Buy Your Product…
  • Watch Your Sales Video…
  • Attend Your Webinar…
  • Sign Up for Your Program…
  • Book a Phone Appointment…
  • Read of Watch Your Content…
  • Join Your Group or Community…
  • Or Signup for Your Email List…

So…WHY Do Quizzes Work So WELL?
It Comes Down to…
“3 Psychological “Engines”

“Self Discovery”
People love learning about themselves.
Their favorite topic is Me, Myself, and I.
A quiz feeds that insatiable curiosity so they can’t help but take the quiz (and share it!)

Each step in a QUIZ Funnel is designed to create Micro-Commitments that build action-taking momentum.
This increases your conversion rates by making it MORE likely that your prospects will take action at the end of the quiz.

“Diagnose & Prescribe”
People want a customized result and solution for their unique situation.
When you segment your audience into buckets you can provide that customization and make them feel understood.

Successful QUIZ Funnels Leverage These 3 “Engines” to Get Results Like These…
“I Wish I Would Have Done This Sooner!”
Most business owners who build QUIZ Funnels wish they’d done it sooner because it’s SO effective. Watch how these entrepreneurs are implementing QUIZ Funnels (and the difference that it makes as they double or even triple their results while spending less on advertising!)

“10,000 QUIZ Leads to a Webinar Converting at 16%”
Even if you’re starting from scratch, a QUIZ Funnel can kick start your business. Lisa Canning, Beryl Young, Alexis Fedor and others are raving, “I feel like I finally have a business now!” Quizzes let you go from zero to hundreds (or even thousands) of new leads quickly.

“$752,000 in Sales in Just 60 Days”
Jennifer Kem, Buck Rizvi, Charlie Wallace and so many others share their experience with QUIZ Funnels and the AMAZING results they were able to achieve in their business. Charlie even told his dad, “You can quit your job, you don’t have to worry about money anymore.”

“$110,915 in 5 Months DURING Covid-19 Shutdown”
Hear from grandmother Lori Williams whose business is thriving even now, Glen Ledwell who can “barely type or use technology” and seeing wild success, and Mastin Kipp who’s getting 17 cent leads to his QUIZ Funnel (and others!)

If Quizzes are So Awesome, Why Doesn’t Everyone Build One?
There are 3 things that hold people back:
1. Strategy

2. Technology

3. Implementation

I get it. And these 3 things are why MORE people don’t have a QUIZ Funnel. So I decided to solve all THREE of these problems at the same time!

What if you could have…

  • Step-By-Step Training
  • Advanced Quiz Software
    PLUS, Have Me and My Team
  • Build Your Quiz FOR YOU!

The Complete Solution to Get Your QUIZ Funnel BUILT
(Because We’ll Do it For You!)
The QUIZ Funnel Masterclass
($5,000 Value)
The QUIZ Funnel Masterclass is a 6-Week step-by-step training taking you through the entire process of creating your QUIZ Funnel from start to finish…

It’s based on our $5,000 Live In-Person QUIZ Funnel Bootcamp that’s done over $1M in revenue over the past 12 months… That we are bringing online for the FIRST TIME.

Whether you’ve had success with quizzes in the past… You’ve struggled with quizzes… Or you’re a complete beginner starting completely from scratch, beginning with…

The CORE 6-Week QUIZ Funnel Training
LESSON 1: Your Quiz Hook
In this module, we’re going to come up with your hook and test that hook together. We’ll also cover:

  • How to come up with the BIG IDEA behind your quiz…
  • How to come up with a quiz that attracts buyers and not a bunch of freebie-seekers…
  • How to “pre-test” your quiz idea with your market to ensure your quiz is irresistible before you actually build it…
  • How to come up with a catchy name and title so it stands out in your niche…
  • How to create a quiz that people not only take, but ALSO share with their friends…
  • In other words, how to systematically create a compelling quiz that’s so good, it takes over your market and goes completely viral…
  • And much, much more!

LESSON 2: Your Quiz Offer
In this module, we’re going to talk about how to create an irresistible offer on the back of your quiz funnel. We’ll also cover:

  • How to get people to buy from you immediately after they take your quiz…
  • How to use the “Bandaid / Cure” transition to seamlessly go from delivering your free quiz results to creating instant demand to purchase your paid product…
  • What to do if you’re selling a low ticket product, high ticket product… driving people into a launch, a webinar, or even into a phone call…
  • What to do if you’re selling a digital product versus a physical product…
  • What to do if you’re selling a service, someone else’s product as an affiliate, or if you’re not selling anything at all, and you’re simply using your quiz to build an audience or launch your email list…
  • We’re going to cover how to build a QUIZ Funnel for a product that doesn’t quite “fit the mold”…
  • PLUS the 9 secret elements of an irresistible post-quiz offer (and how to make sure your offer checks off each of these nine boxes…)
  • And much MUCH more…

LESSON 3: Your Quiz Questions
In this module, we’ll cover how to come up with the right questions to both DIAGNOSE a person’s situation and simultaneously create DEMAND for your product or service. We’ll also cover:

  • The 5 types of questions you should always ask PLUS the 3 questions you should never ask in your quiz…
  • We’re going to cover the optimal number of questions, the optimal question length, and the optimal number of answers for each question…
  • All based on analyzing 200 million data points from over 12,000 QUIZ Funnels created through our platform…
  • We’re going to cover the psychology behind “question sequencing” and how to structure your question flow to create maximum momentum and demand for your product or service…
  • How to come up with good quiz outcomes when your diagnosis part is a little trickier and more nuanced…
  • How to choose between “question scoring” vs “outcome mapping” to put people into different buckets based on their quiz answers…
  • PLUS: The 7 biggest mistakes people make with quiz questions and how avoid the single most common trap of overcomplicating your quiz…
  • And much MUCH more…

LESSON 4: Your Quiz Pages
In this module, we’ll cover ALL the pages you need to set up your QUIZ Funnel, including…

  • How to structure and set up your pre-quiz landing page to convert like crazy for getting people to take your quiz…
  • How to structure your quiz lead capture page, to not only get people to opt-in to your list to get their quiz results – but also pre-frame your offer so that they’re primed and ready to buy…
  • How to structure your post-quiz outcome page to take people from reading about their quiz results to take the next step in your sales process – whether that’s buying the product or service you’re selling or getting on the phone with you to close the sale…
  • Whether you should use video or text only on your quiz pages based on your niche, the product you’re selling, and the type of traffic you’re running…
  • PLUS: for every single one of your quiz funnel pages, you’re going to get access to a detailed, step-by-step page TEMPLATE, including fill-in-the-blank copy checklist with the exact word-for-word language and structure to follow for your videos, headlines, and more…
  • I’m even going to share with you 5 of our best-converting QUIZ Funnels right now across multiple markets (so you can emulate what’s working now without having to reinvent the wheel…)
  • And much MUCH more…

LESSON 5: Your Quiz Followup
In this module, we’ll cover what happens AFTER your QUIZ, including the entire email follow-up sequence designed to funnel an email lead into becoming a paying customer…

  • How to create a quiz report that not only delivers their quiz results, but also serves as a sales tool to create demand for your product or service…
  • How to format, structure, and design your report – including a step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks template to follow – along with examples of reports using this template in a bunch of different markets…
  • Post-QUIZ email segmentation: based on people’s quiz answers, how to decide whether you should create segments, move people onto different email lists, or retag them based on their answers…
  • How and where to customize your emails based on a person’s quiz answers… Including the 3 most important things to customize plus one thing that is a complete waste of time…
  • How to keep the people subscribed to your email list engaged and connected – so they don’t become cold subscribers not opening your emails a few days or weeks after taking your quiz…
  • How to get people to TRUST you and want to talk to you when you send out emails so you can build an audience that loves you and wants to work with you… How often you should follow up (and what you should say…)
  • The optimal number of emails, specific types of emails, and specific length of emails as well…
  • PLUS: In addition to email, we’re also going to cover how to modify all this to implement a post-quiz SMS and FB messenger sequence as well…
  • And much MUCH more…

LESSON 6: Optimizing & Scaling
In this module, we’ll cover what happens AFTER you launch your quiz to take it to the next level, including…

  • Not only how to launch your QUIZ Funnel profitably and get your first 1,000 leads and email optins… But how to scale that quiz to 10,000 people… 100,000 people… And beyond…
  • We’re going to cover the exact conversion rate benchmarks you should be looking for in each individual step of your funnel, including your landing page, lead capture page, and each individual question…
  • We’re going to cover what to do if you’re not hitting these benchmarks… Including what to test, in what order, so you know when to tweak your questions vs. lead capture page vs. trying a new traffic source vs. testing a completely different hook for your quiz to begin with…
  • We’re going to cover the exact tweaks and changes to make on your outcome page if you’re struggling to convert leads into buyers after they’ve taken your quiz…
  • PLUS: I’m even going to take you behind the scenes of actual, real-life QUIZ Funnels that started out not working, but became profitable after making a few tiny, but critical tweaks…

PLUS: In Addition to ALL of THAT…
The QUIZ Funnel Masterclass Training ALSO Includes:

  • LIVE Q&A Calls
    Every single week you’ll have an opportunity to get your questions answered.
  • LIVE Funnel Reviews
    We’ll be doing live funnel tear-downs and critiques with the opportunity to get your actual funnel reviewed.
  • Checklists & Templates
    Every step along the way, you’ll get access to fill-in-the-blanks templates, checklists, and diagrams.
  • ULTIMATE Swipe File
    10 years of examples, for the best-performing QUIZ landing pages, outcome pages, ads, and more…
  • Private Facebook Group
    You’re never more than a few hours away from getting feedback and support through the members only FB Group.
    You get LIFETIME access to the training, meaning you can review, study, and rewatch over and over again.

Plus, When You Join TODAY We’ll Also Hand You THREE Exclusive Bonuses
Valued at Over $10,500!
VALUE: $4,500
Get Early Access to the BRAND NEW®2.0 QUIZ Funnel Technology
Our team has been at work the last 18 months secretly building this second generation® QUIZ Funnel Technology. Built on a cutting-edge AI platform designed to convert clicks into customers, based on over 30 million users and 200 million data points from the first-generation software, there is no other QUIZ Funnel platform like it.

Through this special QUIZ Funnel Masterclass offer, the $2,000 setup fee is waived, your first month is FREE, and the monthly subscription is reduced from $200 to just $99/month. Here is just a taste of everything you get access to, beginning with…

Bucket Canvas
This drag-and-drop interface lets you build and see your entire QUIZ Funnel in one place. Start from scratch or use a pre-built template.

Canvas lets you build anything from a one question quiz to a complex funnel with multiple questions, conditional branching logic, question scoring and weighting, and different paths and outcome pages based on a person’s answers.

Page Builder
The fully-customizable drag-and-drop page builder lets you design and build ALL your pages right inside of Bucket – this replaces the need for any external page building software.

PLUS, you can also create different versions of your funnel pages based on a person’s quiz responses. The flexibility of the Builder lets you create lead capture pages, e-commerce product pages, long form sales letters, video pages, and more.

Template Library
It’s easy to get started with one of our high-converting, pre-built quiz funnel templates, all built based on analyzing the conversion rates of over 12,000 different quiz funnels…

Every template is fully customizable… If you find a template that’s close, but not quite perfect… you can tweak it and make it completely your own…

Bucket integrates with your email… SMS… webinar… and shopping cart platforms, which means ALL the data you gather in your quiz can get pushed to virtually any other piece of software you use in your business. Send the right content and the right offers to the right people on your list to drive down your unsubscribes and cancellations and drive up your open rates and click rates, and sales.

Native integrations with dozens of platforms PLUS a Zapier API give you the ability to integrate directly with over 2000+ marketing applications.

Detailed analytics let you track EVERYTHING from conversion rates and drop off on your quiz, opt-in rates per bucket…which ANSWER combinations give you the highest conversions, and more.

This helps you both learn a ton about your audience and identify the biggest opportunities in your business at the same time.


Pixel Segmentation™ & Facebook Integration
Integrate your Facebook advertising pixel with Bucket to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences based on how people answer your quiz.

GDPR Compliance & Multi-Language Support
Bucket is fully GDPR compliant and has multi-language support, meaning you can drive traffic to your quiz, in any language, in any country, globally, around the world…

UTM Tracking & Google Analytics Integration
See clearly which traffic source, campaigns, and quiz bucket gives you the highest lifetime customer value.

Field Logic & Customer Merge Fields
Pass a person’s quiz answers directly into your email and text message followup using merge fields to create messaging that’s customized based on a person’s answers…

Real-Time Lead Scoring™
Filter leads based on a person’s quiz answers… Imagine driving your best, highest-quality leads directly to a phone call, and lower quality leads to a webinar, nurture sequence, or even an affiliate offer…

And When YOU Join the Masterclass Now, You Get

VALUE: $2,500
One of the biggest questions I get asked is:

How do I drive TRAFFIC to my quiz? What channels work best? And HOW are those people getting cheap, qualified leads for $0.50… $0.26… $0.11 CPL? With an ROI of 200-400%? What are the SECRETS to success?

Well, we’re going to cover how to drive traffic to your QUIZ funnel, step-by-step, including…

#1: Facebook > Quiz Funnel
#2: Google > Quiz Funnel
#3: Instagram > Quiz Funnel
#4: YouTube > Quiz Funnel
#5: LinkedIN > Quiz Funnel

Here’s just a taste of what we’ll cover in this BONUS Training:

  • Free vs. Paid Traffic and which traffic source to get started with, based on your niche, your product, and your business…
  • How to structure QUIZ Funnel ads, including how to make sure your ad content is both high-converting, but also compliant…
  • How to come up with the copy for your hook, headline, body, and call-to-action…
  • How to come up with your images…
  • What to test, in what order, and how to test it…
  • The ad formats that convert best for Quiz funnels specifically…
  • Our collection of fill-in-the-blank quiz funnel ad templates – specifically designed to drive leads and customers directly into your quiz…
  • All about audience targeting, including:
  • Who should you target with your quiz?
  • Should you be targeting a more broad audience that might be less relevant to your offer?
  • Or should you narrow your targeting to be more relevant to your specific offer…
  • How to get started if you’re a complete beginner…
  • And much much more…

VALUE: $3,500
“No Market?… No List?… No Product?… No Business… No Experience? No Problem!”
With our Choose Ask Build “Business in a Box” Training, we’ve got you covered. This is the exact process I used to go from $0 to $24,275/month in less than 18 months… and then $117,604/month within 3 years… With absolute zero experience, beginning with no list, starting completely from scratch.

We’re Going to Cover…
First, how to CHOOSE your market…

  • Beginning with how to identify undiscovered “Sweet Spot Markets” that have a rare, but highly-desirable supply/demand imbalance between market size and market competition…
  • How to use tools like Google Trends, Facebook Audience Insights and Amazon Sponsored Posts to know whether your market is worth pursuing or save you months or even years of going down the wrong road…
  • The “5 Market Must-Haves” you want to be looking for before choosing any niche (including how to make sure your market checks off all five boxes before moving forward…)
  • PLUS: Get my list of “The Top 25 Niches in 2020” – the exact markets I would be going into right now, this year if I was completely starting from scratch…
  • And much, much more!

Next, we’re going to ASK what your market wants to buy…

  • How to use an unconventional type of survey to figure out what people want to buy in any market (Not what they think they want, or even say they want, but what they actually want to buy…)
  • The 3 specific questions you must ask in this survey to predict purchasing behavior (and the biggest mistakes people make when asking. Hint: There are certain words you never want to use, like the word “survey”)
  • Where to find people to ASK in the market you’ve chosen (including five unusual, but highly-effective ways to get people to take your survey if you’re just getting started and you don’t have any contacts, connections, or access to an audience in your market…)
  • How to analyze those survey results to identify the hidden “profit pools” in your niche plus the language patterns to look for that represent the “hyper-invested” buyers in your market…
  • By the end of this process, you’re going to know with absolute clarity and confidence precisely what people want to buy and exactly how to sell it to them in your market…

Then BUILD Your QUIZ Funnel & Generate Your Very First Sales!

  • How to get your funnel up and running quickly once you’ve chosen your market…
  • The 3 specific questions you must ask in this survey to predict purchasing behavior (and the biggest mistakes people make when asking. Hint: There are certain words you never want to use, like the word “survey”)
  • How to do a pre-order sale on the back of your quiz to generate immediate cash up front and confirm demand before spending any time creating your own product or service…
  • PLUS: I’m going to take you behind the scenes to show you how I used this exact same process to enter 23 different “weird niche” markets, starting with no list, no product, and no experience – and go from nothing to making $24,275/month in less than 18 months…


We BUILD Your Quiz for YOU!
VALUE: $10,000!

Wait, WHAT!?!?
YEP! That’s RIGHT. We are going to BUILD your quiz FOR YOU.

This one is HUGE.
Simply give us your content, copy, and questions, and we’ll handle the rest and build your funnel FOR YOU in®2.0

Yep! We’re Going to Build Your Entire QUIZ Funnel FOR You Including…

  • Landing Pages: These are the pages that people land on to take your QUIZ – we’ll build them with your branding and colors and images in Bucket 2.0
  • Build Out Your Question Pages: We’ll take your list of QUIZ questions and set them up in the software and make them look compelling so people will start AND finish your quiz.
  • Set up your Branching Logic: This is what lets you customize your QUIZ and show different questions based on each response. It can get a bit complex, but don’t worry, we’ve GOT it.
  • Create Your Outcome Pages: We’ll build high-converting outcome pages for each of the buckets in your QUIZ Funnel.
  • We’ll Even Set Up All Your Tracking: We’ll set up your dashboard with all the stats you need to track, to see at a glance how your quiz is doing.
  • And Connect Everything to Your Email Service Provider: Deliver your quiz results and follow up emails once we integrate your email service provider with your quiz.

HOW are we doing this? WHY are doing this?
The REASON we’re including this SUPER Bonus (For THIS Launch ONLY) is because we want to generate a MASSIVE number of QUIZ Funnel Success stories QUICKLY for the launch of®

And we know the SINGLE biggest thing that holds people BACK from having success, is getting all the TECH pieces in place.

So We’re Going To DO IT FOR YOU.
The only CATCH is that this bonus is First-Come, First-Serve. And we cannot do this for everyone. We can only do this for those who get their order in while this is available, before this is taken down.

Meaning if you’d like to get me, and my team to build your QUIZ Funnel for you, you want to get your order in right now, while you’re reading this. You do NOT want to wait, come back tomorrow, only to find that this bonus is no longer available.

The VALUE of this ONE BONUS alone is Over $10,000+

And when you sign up TODAY…
YOU Get Access To This For FREE!

What is One QUIZ Funnel Worth to Your Business?

  • ONE QUIZ FUNNEL could be worth $203K/month
    with a single webinar on the back of a quiz…
  • ONE QUIZ FUNNEL could be worth a $5 Million
    from a single product launch…
  • ONE QUIZ FUNNEL could be worth $12 Million
    per year in e-commerce sales…
  • ONE QUIZ FUNNEL could be worth $2.2 Million
    per year, part-time selling info products…
  • ONE QUIZ FUNNEL could be worth $319,619
    in affiliate sales in just five days…
  • ONE QUIZ FUNNEL could be worth $56K/month
    in client royalties from a single funnel…
  • ONE QUIZ FUNNEL could be worth $24.2 Million
    tripling your business…
  • ONE QUIZ FUNNEL could be worth $104K/month
    going from Lyft to seven-figures in < 2 years…
  • ONE QUIZ FUNNEL could be worth $523K/year
    going from $17/hr to six-figures in < 12 months…

So, Just to Sum It All Up…
Here’s What You Get Access to When You Join:

  • 6 Week QUIZ Funnel Training
  • Q&A Calls & Funnel Reviews
  • Step-by-Step Templates
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • The Ultimate QUIZ Swipe File

BONUS #1: 2.0 QUIZ SOFTWARE ($4,500 Value)
BONUS #3: BUSINESS IN A BOX ($3,500 Value)


Another important thing I need to mention is this:

You’re Completely Protected By Our
100% Risk-Free 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

All we ask is that you complete the course work from Module 1, Lesson 1, to show us that you at least gave it a try. If after completing this lesson you decide that the program isn’t for you, simply let us know and you’ll receive a swift and full refund. It’s really as simple as that!

Have More Questions?

What is the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass?
The QUIZ Funnel Masterclass is EVERYTHING you need to launch your own high-converting QUIZ Funnel.

It includes: The Core 6 lesson training on how to build a QUIZ Funnel from start to finish, access to live Q&A calls, all the templates, swipes, and examples, support in the Private FB group, PLUS access to the QUIZ Software, the BONUS Traffic training, and the BONUS Business in a Box Training, plus the Implementation Super Bonus where we’ll build your quiz for you….a total value of over $25,500.

Do you have a payment plan?
Yes! You can split into 3 payments of $799 OR Save $398 and make ONE payment of $1999.

There are no long term commitments for the software and you can cancel at any time.

When do I need to register by?
We’re kicking off the LIVE training on June 29th, so we’re CLOSING enrollment on June 28th at 11:59 PM Pacific time.

How is the course being taught?
This is the first time I’ve ever delivered this training in an online setting. Until now, the only way to get access to this information was to spend $5,000 fly to our headquarters in Austin, Texas, and be part of one of our live in person QUIZ Funnel trainings.

But with everything happening in the world right now, I have no idea when that next training is going to happen or if we’re ever going to offer that in person training again.

Now, because I’ve never delivered this training in an online environment before, this training is going to be taught live and the course kicks off on June 29th.

Everything is being recorded if you can’t attend a session and if you want to go back and re-watch anything that we cover.

We’re also doing weekly Q&A calls, Live Funnel Reviews & Tear Downs

Plus you also get access to downloadable templates, and checklists, resources and examples.

Everything is accessed through our custom online LMS, which you can access from any device, and you’ll have a private Facebook group to get support and your questions answered.

Is there support?
YES! We will be supporting you with:

– WEEKLY Live Training Calls
– WEEKLY Live Q&A Calls
– A PRIVATE Facebook Group to support you
– Plus, we’re going to build your funnel for you! It doesn’t get more supportive than that ?

What if I’m not sure what to cover in my QUIZ?
Well, that’s EXACTLY what we’re going to cover in the step-by-step QUIZ Funnel Training that you get instant access to as part of this special offer…

Everything from coming up with the TOPIC of your quiz… the QUESTIONS… the order, the timing, the sequence… How to frame your quiz before someone clicks on it… how to transition from the quiz results to your offer…

Basically everything from start to finish…we’ve got you covered!

I don’t have an audience/business yet. Is this for me?
Yes! This is the same process I used when I was in the exact same situation. In the Choose Ask Build Business in a Box training I’m going to show you how to use this process if you are just getting started – which is the same situation I was in not too long ago.

Building a QUIZ Funnel will actually help you grow your business FASTER, just like Neil Gordon who started from scratch to make $100k/month in less than 2 years on the back of a QUIZ Funnel…

Can I use this if I’m selling someone else’s products as an affiliate?
Yes, we’re going to cover how to sell your own product AND how to sell other people’s products as an affiliate…

We’re going to cover low ticket products… and high ticket products…Physical products and digital products…

How to use this if you’re selling coaching, consulting, freelancing or agency services…How to use this if you’re a local business…How to use this purely for leadgen and building your email list and audience…How to use this for a launch… to drive people into a webinar… or even drive people directly into a phone appointment…and more.

Can I use this training to do this for other people?
Yes, you CAN! You saw from my story that this is something that was a big part of my business for years. In fact, there’s a huge opportunity and demand for this. I’ve charged anywhere from $15,000-$50,000 upfront, $5,000 a month retainer, and then a 5% royalty on gross sales.

Building a single QUIZ Funnel for a client was worth upwards of half a million dollars a year in income in my business. This is absolutely something that you can do if you’re looking to do this for other people.

How is this DIFFERENT from the ASK Method Masterclass and past trainings?
This is a BRAND-NEW training that I’ve ONLY delivered live…until now.

While the ASK Method Masterclass covers how to find out what your audience wants, it doesn’t go into depth on HOW to build your QUIZ Funnel.

This is an ENTIRE 6-Week LIVE Masterclass about QUIZ Funnels, up-to-the-moment about what’s working RIGHT NOW. It’s the most comprehensive, definitive training that we’ve delivered on this topic.

And of course, the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass includes the “Built-for-You” SUPER BONUS!

Can I just get access to the Bucket 2.0 Software?
Bucket 2.0 is ENTERPRISE level software and requires a $2,000 setup fee + starts at $200/month

So this is ACTUALLY the better deal…because you also get access to the brand new training PLUS the opportunity to get my team to build your funnel for you….

This special offer is better than anything that we’ve ever done and better than anything you’ll find elsewhere.

I am a Bucket 1.0 user, can I upgrade to Bucket 2.0?
If you are a Bucket 1.0 user you can UPGRADE to Bucket 2.0 today, by taking advantage of this same offer. $1999 today + $99/month.

When you join the QUIZ Funnel Masterclass, your old Bucket 1.0 billing subscription will be replaced with your NEW subscription (meaning you will only be charged one monthly fee.)

Plus you get access to all the BONUSES and the​ opportunity to get our team to build your funnel for you.

How does the “Build Your Funnel” piece work exactly?
After you go through the QUIZ Funnel Training, all you need to do is fill out a simple fill-in-the-blanks template giving us your questions and your content for your quiz.

Then, choose from one of the high-converting quiz funnel layouts and designs which you’d like for us to customize with your images, your colors, your branding. We’ll then take all that content and build your quiz for you and take care of all the tech in your Bucket 2.0 account.

We’ll set up your pre and post quiz pages, all the questions, and the branching logic. We’ll even connect your quiz funnel to your email provider or CRM, and you’ll get your finished quiz built and done for you.

And because the quiz will be loaded up into your Bucket 2.0 account, you’ll be able to make any tweaks and changes from there and you’ll have the full ability to do that.

After signing up, is there a time limit for how long I can take to get my quiz built?
You have a FULL 12 months to take advantage of this offer, if you want to save it for a future project, or if you have a launch coming up, or a client project you want to save this for, or you just want to hold off until you’ve had a chance to go through all the training.

You will need to be an active subscriber and customer in good standing because we’ll need access to your software account to do this, of course, but you WILL have a full 12 months to take advantage, so you can go as FAST as you like, or take your time.

What’s the refund policy?
You can move forward today, 100% Risk-Free because you’re completely covered by our 100% 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.

All you need to do is complete course work from the FIRST Module of the training (Module 1) to show us that you at least gave it a try.

If after completing the work from Module 1, Lesson 1 you decide that this program isn’t for you for any reason at all, simply let us know within 14 days by emailing our customer service desk with your completed work from Lesson 1, and you’ll receive a swift and courteous refund.

It’s really as simple as that.

And with the monthly software subscription, while this is a special monthly rate of just $99/month you’re getting access to by signing up today…

There are no long-term contracts or commitments so if you change your mind down the road, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How long do I have access?
You have LIFETIME access to the training!

You’ll continue to have access to the software for $99/month – you are LOCKED into that price for as long as you have your subscription.

What if I want to make tweaks or changes to my funnel?
Because Bucket 2.0 features that CANVAS where you can move stuff around in your question flow AND the fully customizable drag and drop builder, you have the ability to make unlimited tweaks and changes to your funnel whenever you like!

What’s the catch? Why are you making this available at such a low price?
2 Reasons:

Reason #1: We want to showcase the power of BUCKET 2.0 and get FAST RESULTS…and the best way to create all kinds of QUIZ Funnel examples in all different markets is to get my absolute best training in your hands and have my team build your quiz for you…

Reason #2: Even though we are LOSING money up front on this crazy steal of a deal, the reason I’m willing to do this is because I know from experience, when our users have a quiz that’s working for their business…they remain a customer for life…

I know that if I do everything in my power to get your quiz BUILT and getting results…You are going to remain a Bucket user for life because it’s paying for itself MANY times over.

So that’s my goal, plain and simple.

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