Rick Schefren – Steal Our Winners Lifetime Edition Update 1

Rick Schefren – Steal Our Winners Lifetime Edition Update 1

Join Rich Schefren’s First Ever Digital Mastermind With The Top Marketers
On The Planet… 
WITHOUT Paying Outrageous Consulting Fees…

Hey Rich Schefren here,

And today I am coming to you with good news.
After hearing this… You might cancel your memberships to every mastermind and newsletter you’re subscribed to and save thousands of dollars…
Now I enjoy masterminds… I’m in a few myself.
But there’s a huge problem with most masterminds.
Most come with steep prices of $10,000, $20,000 even $100,000 per year AND you only get access to one person…
Well I’m here to change all of that today…
Today I’m giving you the opportunity to join the first ever Digital Mastermind with the best secrets and strategies of 30+ of the top marketers on the planet…
WITHOUT paying outrageous consulting fees.
But before I tell you how to join us today…
I want you to think about something.
What if I could provide you with one exclusive platform you could turn to for all your marketing advice…
What if you could have the very best experts in every field of online marketing share their best secrets and strategies working for them… EVERY month.
You see, just recently I was in Los Angeles with SEO Legend Neil Patel chatting about the state of internet marketing in 2020 and what platforms are the best to leverage in your business…

I had a lengthy brainstorming session with best-selling author James Altucher… Here’s a pic of us flying back to New York via helicopter…

And I was in Delray Beach, Florida with Funnel Master Russell Brunson sharing the latest conversion hacks and traffic secrets…

Now these are just some of the experts I can turn to when looking for advice.

But the problem is most of you don’t have access to these top marketing minds like I do.
And that’s why I put together this digital mastermind…
This way you can have monthly access to myself and these gurus’ best ideas and strategies…
For a fraction of the price it costs to mastermind with just ONE guru.
Now all this begs the question…
“How did I convince all these superstar marketers to contribute to this Mastermind?”
Well, most people don’t realize this, but…

I’ve Coached Or Consulted With Almost All Of

The Top Internet Marketers You See Today

I’m talking about experts like Ryan Deiss… Russell Brunson… Mike Filsaime… Todd Brown… and dozens more.

All of these guys went through my business coaching when they were first getting started.
And as a result, I’ve developed a reputation of being the “guru’s guru.”
You see, all these people came to me because I’ve made a fortune with both online and offline businesses.
  • At 23 I saved a failing clothing company in lower Manhattan that was losing a million and a half dollars a year and turned it into a 7-figure powerhouse in just 3 years…
  • ​I then started a chain of hypnosis centers from scratch and in the process grew that business from 0 to 8-figures in sales all before the age of 30…
  • ​Then eventually I decided to jump online in order to have more time and freedom in my life! Which is where I kick-started my multimillion dollar coaching business, Strategic Profits!

In fact, I achieved so much success that I decided to go into semi-retirement for about 5 years.

For a time, I was having fun traveling the world and relaxing at my homes in Manhattan, the Hamptons, and South Florida.
But recently, things changed…
A “tectonic shift” began in online marketing.
Many of my past clients began to come to me with questions on how to market online with all the new rules and regulations.
And Organize A Coalition Of The World’s
Best Marketers… All To Help YOU

Look, I’m sure I don’t have to twist that knife too deep…

You already see that small businesses are getting destroyed left and right by big tech giants.
You’ve probably noticed how:
  • Ad accounts are regularly getting banned because of social media’s latest “ad policies.”
  • ​Search engines are robbing websites of their content and causing organic traffic to disappear.
  • ​And email providers are blacklisting businesses and preventing their emails from ever reaching customers.

Simply put…

The odds are now stacked against small online businesses.

And now more than ever, you need to have access to the online business strategies and tactics that are working right now in 2020.…

WITHOUT spending tens of thousands of dollars on masterminds.
It’s why I came out of retirement and started this service
It’s why I’m reaching out to you today to join my brand-new Digital Mastermind — Steal Our Winners.

Steal Our Winners is cutting-edge “Insider” marketing strategies delivered to your inbox every month…

In short… it’s the world’s easiest, most affordable way to learn the latest money-making secrets from the top marketers on the planet.
Every month you’ll hear me and my all-star roster of online experts share the very latest marketing tactics and strategies working in the game for us RIGHT NOW.
You’ll hear from the top marketing experts on the planet like…

What You Get:

Lifetime Access To Steal Our Winners

You get a new mastermind issue every month for LIFE

​All Back Issues of Steal Our Winners

You get instant access to the last 16 issues, featuring over 125+ game-changing strategies and tactics

3 Live Group Coaching Calls

Ask Rich Schefren your most pressing questions, and get personal guidance and feedback to help your biz

​All 27 Episodes of The C.S.I.B

There’s never been this many marketing secrets shared under one roof — and we got it all on tape

​The 12-Month Marketing Blueprint

Rich’s 314-pg swipe file of every email, blog post, and sales letter that took his revenue from $0 to $7.4MM

​(BONUS) Strategic Profits’ Email Newsletter

You get boots-on-the-ground insights from “The Guru’s Guru” Rich Schefren and his network & team

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