Mike Shreeve – The Email Academy WSO Downloads

Mike Shreeve – The Email Academy WSO Downloads

Mike Shreeve – The Email Academy WSO Downloads 

Mike Shreeve – The Email Academy WSO Downloads 

Mike Shreeve – The Email Academy WSO Downloads 

Let’s not beat around the bush: 

If I could show you how to earn $1000 in one day by writing a few emails for clients from the snuggling comfort of your couch, would you be interested? 

How about if I showed you how to land writing contracts with clients who happily pay $4K-$10K per month (per client) just to write emails? 

What if I could show you how I write one email for my own business and get sales results like this every single time I hit “send”: 

Mike Shreeve – The Email Academy WSO DownloadsAnd then write another email the next day for sales like this: 


And again: 


Etc. etc. repeated over and over again. 


And yes, I am screaming that because I need more people to realize what opportunity there is in learning how to type things on a screen, sending it to people via email, and making sales because of it. 

Now before we all start seeing dollar signs, let me be perfectly transparent and frank: 

Anyone Can Become A Master Email Writer If They’re Willing To Re-think What “Email” Means 

Clients like paying email writers because email is STILL the #1 driver of online sales worldwide. (SOURCE: GetResponse article titled “Why Email Is The Best Marketing Channel”) 

In fact, on average, for every $1 that a client invests in email marketing, they will see a return of $44 or more. (SOURCE: Data & Marketing Association Survey)  

Imagine a machine where you could put in $1 and it would kick out $44 over and over and over again. How many times would you keep putting in $1? 

That’s why clients love hiring email writers. 

But . . . 


 . . . there’s a BIG problem right now in the email writing industry.  

You see, when most people think of getting paid to write emails (whether they are writing for clients or writing for themselves) they picture having to write something like this for spammy clients: 

Mike Shreeve – The Email Academy WSO DownloadsI call these “booty call” emails. 

It’s the email that someone sends to you when they want something—usually money—and it’s so embarrassingly obvious they just want to sell you something that it’s almost a joke.  

Often, you won’t hear from these people for months, then all-of-a-sudden it’s “Oh hey friend, long time no chat, CANYOUBUYMYSTUFFNOW!?!?” 

It’s spammy. It’s aggressive. It’s hyped up. It’s awful. 

And the worst part about “booty call” emails is they offer ZERO value. 

It’s only “give me, give me, give me.” 

The good news for people like you and me who hate that kind of email is . . . 


 . . . those kinds of emails don’t actually work anymore.   

These days, a good email campaign is what we call in the business: 

“Nurture sequencing” emails. 

Aka: “Let’s build a long-term relationship by adding value over time.” 

The problem right now in the industry is that MOST email writers don’t get this. They are still trying to force “booty call” emails into inboxes . . . 

 . . . and it just isn’t working. 

That’s why the top 1% of email writers today are completely re-thinking how they approach the inbox. 

Every single one of my clients who earn more than $10,000,000 a year from their email lists use this nurture first approach. 


Exactly ZERO of them use the “booty call” email.   


What’s more: 

I built my own $1,000,000/year company using nothing but: 

  •  A little bit o’ traffic from Facebook 
  •  A few good offers (like this one) 
  •  Value based emails 

It’s the same way I built up my Freelancing career, and it’s even how I sell my fiction books. 

Traffic + offer + emails = sales. 

That’s all it takes for my clients to make money. 

It’s all it takes for me to make money. 

The key: Don’t be a spammer. 

So, if you were worried that the only way to make a living writing emails was to sell your soul for a bag full of doubloons . . . think again. 

The ONLY way to make money with email in 2019 is value first. 


When you get that right . . . 

2 Ways to Make Money Writing Emails 

By learning how to write value-based emails, two options open up for you to earn income: 

Option #1. You write for clients and they pay you $150 – $500 per email   


Option #2. You write for yourself and the sky is the limit on what you can earn per email   

Let’s discuss option #1 first: 

How To Get Paid $150-$500 Per Email  

Writing For Clients 

FACT: Every single business on planet earth can make money with email. 

Local restaurants can send birthday reminders, coupons, newsletters, contests etc. 

Manufacturing plants can send high level, professional B2B emails to account executives and secure multi-year, multi-million dollar deals. 

Rock musicians can send tour updates, free music, sell swag and tickets, and even use email to book gigs. 

Relationship coaches can send value rich emails to their email list and sell information products and their coaching services. 

Facebook ad agencies can send emails to potential clients and secure client retainers worth thousands per month. 

A pet food store can send emails on dog training tips while ALSO selling hundreds of thousands of pounds of dog food every year. 

And on and on and on. 

If a business has something to sell, it can be sold via email. 

The problem most companies have is that they either: 

  1. Don’t know how to use email properly


  1. Don’t have anyone in their company who can (or even wants to)write emails

Let’s do a little math to point this out:  

There are 29.7 million small businesses in the United States alone. 

Let’s pretend only 25% of them use email (it’s way more than that but let’s just pretend).   

Let’s also pretend that these businesses don’t really know how to use email properly, so they only send two emails per month. 

That means, in the United States alone, there is a pressing need for 14,850,000 new emails to be written . . . EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.  

If the average email writer wrote 3 emails per day, every single day of the week, it would take 150,000 copywriters to fulfill on JUST those twice monthly email writing clients . . . 

 . . . and those are small numbers compared to the reality of the marketplace . . . 

Every single one of my email writing clients has me writing 15 – 30 emails per month for them. 

Not two per month . . . 15 – 30. 

I have email writer friends who have clients asking for 100+ emails per month. 

Why would clients want that many emails? 


Here’s an example of one of my students applying what we teach about emails to one of her clients: 

Mike Shreeve – The Email Academy WSO DownloadsYes, you read that correctly . . . 

 . . . she helped to generate more than $100,000 in sales for her client with just the first 3 emails she wrote for them. 

Now, you tell me . . . 

 . . . if you were able to generate $100,000 in sales for a client, how likely would it be that they’d want to order some more of those revenue-producing-emails from you again and again? 

This is the beauty of writing emails for client. 

Wins are easy and frequent. 

The very nature of email writing has a built-in system for getting repeat work over and over again. 

With the right training, you can secure fantastic clients who pay monthly retainers to write short little emails as they need them. 

With the right training, you can produce emails that get results for clients regardless of niche, industry, or what they are selling. 

With the right training, you can help to fill in the massive demand being created right now by all the businesses needing help with email. 

But that’s really only the beginning… 

How I Earn $1,500/Hour 

Writing Emails For Myself 

If a sales letter falls in the forest but no one reads it, does it make a sale? 

(Spoiler Alert: No, no it doesn’t.)  

You’re reading these words right now thanks to a series of emails specifically designed to bring you here. 

Thanks to those emails, I can send my audience (you) to a page just like this one to make a purchase of some kind. 

Some of you will buy, some of you won’t, but . . . 

 . . . because I used email, I didn’t have to spend a DIME to get you here. 

Very likely, just from the emails I’ve already written and sent, we’ll clear north of $75,000 over the next 7 days or so in sales. 

Total investment to get those sales: ZERO. 

How’s that for a superpower?   

Whether you want to write for clients or you don’t, you could use the power of email for yourself to: 

  •  Get new clients 
  •  Sell information products (Packaged Knowledge) 
  •  Get booked to speak/invited to podcasts/get your name out there 
  •  Sell coaching or consulting services 
  •  Set up referral networks 
  •  Etc. 

When you “get” how email works, and you know how to write good ones (quickly), you can make sales every single time you hit “send”. 

And it’s not really that hard to be good at email writing . . . 

For example, the email sequence I used to bring you here isn’t even all that impressive or complicated. 

It’s actually more like a psychological formula, where you just have to know where all the pieces fit and what levers to pull. 

The formula is so predictable that I don’t even worry about generating results anymore. I just assemble the pieces and wait for the sales to come in. 

And lest you think I slaved over those emails that brought you here . . . I didn’t. 

Typically, it only takes me 15 minutes to write an email that sells. 

30 minutes if I really get going and want to add a TON of value. 

And if you’re like me and hate being sat behind a computer, I typically write my emails while walking in the woods using Dragon Naturally Speaking dictation software. 

A little walking, a little talking, a little typing and sales-generating email completely. . .  next! 

Yet another happy client, yet another paid invoice, yet another sale. 

If that sounds like a good day at the “office” to you, I can show you how to make it your reality. 

I Used Email To Bring You Here. Let Me Teach You To Do The Exact Same Thing For Yourself And/Or For Clients. 

Introducing Email Academy: 

A Proven Process For Becoming A Well Paid Email Writer 

I’ve put together a template-based program focusing on the 5 major email disciplines to help you become a qualified email copywriter as soon as possible. 

This is NOT a program where we teach you a bunch of theory about how to write an email pretty enough to get posted on the fridge. 

This is a results-based implementation program specifically designed to launch your career as a working writer with a healthy full-time income (so you can put some food in the fridge).   

For those of you who don’t care to write for clients, I’ll also show you how to use emails to sell your own stuff whenever you want. 

The main focus of this program is the more than 40+ email templates—all of which you can use regardless of niche or industry—and the accompanying training that will show you how to turn those templates into assets for clients. 

Specifically, I’ll show you: 

  •  The five main specialties in the world of email copywriting (Product Launch, Autoresponder Drip Campaigns, Newsletters, Daily email, B2B Sales, and the Misc. category) and how to choose the one you’ll enjoy writing the most for clients . . . 
  •  A complete knowledge transfer of the email copywriting fundamentals that I’ve learned 10+ years of putting food on my table (and then some) by getting people to buy my words . . . 
  •  The exact methods I use to write emails that consistently deliver profitable results for clients and attract retainers anywhere from $4 – $12.5K per month . . . 
  •  How to use the B2B Sales Emails to find your first client within 7 days (and in as little as 2-3 once you get the hang of it) and generate enough client work to go full-time within 90 days or less . . . 
  •  What the “Big 5” mistakes most email writers make are and how to avoid them (getting this right is like skipping to the front of the line) 
  •  A look inside the Life of a Freelancer and what you can expect lifestyle, income, and happiness levels-wise (knowing where you are headed is important when trying to get there) 
  •  The 6 major mindset shifts that need to occur in order to land big email clients . . . 
  •  Who the dream client is, where to find them, and how to convince them to hire you (PLUS: We’ll talk how to turn them into long term retainer level clients) 
  •  The 3 most profitable niches to write for (and a few less profitable but still fun niches you may want to consider) 
  •  The easiest way to build an email portfolio that attracts high paying clients (get this wrong and you’ll only attract price hagglers) 
  •  A complete pricing guide for each of the 5 Major Email Disciplines and pricing advice on how to bundle for bigger paydays . . . 
  •  Why clients LOVE “Self-Contained Offerings” and how to create them with ease . . . 
  •  How I sold $25,000 worth of copywriting work in a single presentation (I’ll even give you a recording of the presentation you can copy and use for yourself) Why clients LOVE “Self-Contained Offerings” and how to create them with ease . . . 
  •  How to get clients on just 15 minutes of effort per day (we call these Empire Builders . . . and they are AMAZING for busy people who need clients fast) 
  •  Why the best email copywriters NEVER write emails until they’ve asked their clients this one important question . . . (HINT: If your client doesn’t know the answer to this question . . . RUN AWAY!) 
  •  How to master the Blank Page and how to know what to say in each email no matter what your client is trying to sell . . 
  •  How to find the “voice” of your emails by focusing your writing on the most important person in business (it’s probably not who you think) 
  •  How to use advanced “Message Segmentation” to squeeze a little more revenue and profits for your client without having to be sleezy or send too many emails to the email list . . . 
  •  I’ll show you how I use a simple Building Blocks System to “assemble” my emails rather than trying to write them from scratch (this beats writers block every time) 
  •  The Science of Subject lines: How to double or even triple results for your clients by becoming a master Subject Line writer (if you like reading magazines you’re gonna love this) 
  •  How to use the #1 most powerful email writing tool to increase results for yourself and your client (HINT: It’s what TV writers use to keep you coming back for more) 
  •  How to tell stories in email—this is very different than how you tell stories in sales letters or social media . . . 
  •  Why most email copywriters get the most important part of email writing wrong . . . (get this right and your client will love you forever) 
  •  How to write Product Launch Sequence emails for: Static launches, PLF style launches, Webinar launches, and more . . . (not sure what any of that means? I’ll teach you in-depth about each of those so you can be the expert that clients rely on to generate sales) 
  •  Why I LOVE behavior-based segmentation . . . and how you can add more results to your clients’ bottom line simply by rewriting a few of their existing emails (I love offering this quick win to clients) 
  •  How to use emails to . . . find out what you should write in your next email (when I’m feeling lazy, this is what I do to have the emails practically write themselves) 
  •  How to create an automated selling machine using emails—you can do this for your client or yourself—set it up once and let it run for months or even years (I have one automated sequence that still makes me sales and I wrote it in 2013) 
  •  9 “indoc emails” which help to turn strangers into fans, then customers, then evangelists for the brand sharing your business with others for FREE . . . 
  •  How to write high-end newsletters for fancy pants professional businesses that HATE salesy language (big market, lots of need, big budgets) 
  •  4 types of weekly newsletters that any business can use to build audience and create sales . . . 
  •  15 daily email templates you can use to mimic my style and sales success (great for running a daily email without the smarm) 
  •  How to use the Reciprocity Pack email set (with templates) to land high paying clients . . . 
  •  4 different B2B template packs (including follow-up sets) that turn a simple free email account into a multimillion sales generator when put in the right hands… I realize that sounds like a big claim, but once you see exactly what these template packs include and WHO they are for, you’ll see clearly how companies use these to land massive windfall deals in the millions of dollars . . . 
  •  How to write: Affiliate Email sequences, Re-engagement Campaigns, Flash Sale Emails, and more (learning just these will put you in the top 1% of email writers) 
  •  Client want you to do the tech side of email? We’ve got you covered with a COMPLETE module on just email tech from setting up to automating to segmentation (don’t worry, very few clients want you involved with the tech piece, but just in case… we’ve got the training to back you up) 
  •  The Secrets of 6-Figure Writing Productivity: Anyone can write. Anyone can get paid to write. Only people who know how to be productive will hit 6-figures a year as a writer. I’ll show you how . . . 
  •  How to turn your newly acquired email skills into $3k and $5k “bundle” packages that clients will happily pay for . . . 
  •  Plus, a whole bunch more! 

I have tried to make this the single most comprehensive email copywriting program on the planet for anyone wanting to improve their email skills. 

To do that, we’ve supplied templates, training, and more based on my 10+ years as a working copywriter. 

Everything you’ll see in this program comes DIRECT from my own daily copywriting business. If I use it, it’s in here. 

Nothing is borrowed, nothing is theory, everything works. 

Who This is not for 

If you’ve been successfully selling with email for more than 5 years, you might pick up a thing or two (and get a hugely positive ROI on the investment) but this probably isn’t the best use of your time. 

You’d be better off hiring a personal copywriting coach for $25,000 (like my coach David Garfinkle) and developing your skillset with one-on-one feedback. 


If you refuse to see writing as a craft, this probably isn’t for you.  

I don’t buy into the elitist approach that writing is only for “Artists”. In my experience it can be learned, improved, and mastered just like any other craft in this world: carpentry, plumbing etc. 

I’ve taken that approach as a Freelancer, running No Pants, and especially with my fiction (where I earn 6-figures a year self-publishing). Writing is a craft. Period. 

If you can believe that it can be learned, I can help you. If you believe it can’t be learned, I can’t help you. 

If you think the only good email is a super short email, this probably isn’t for you. 


“Booty call” emails are short. 

“Value based” emails are sometimes short, sometimes long, but length isn’t as important as content. 

I’ll teach you how to write emails that work if you’re ok with them sometimes being long enough to deliver maximum value to the reader. 

If you don’t want to help clients get results, this isn’t for you.   

What makes email great is that it gets results FAST for clients. They’ll keep paying you for . . . results. 

The more results you get, the more work they give you. 

Results, results, results. 

It’s all about results. 

If you’re one of those unfortunate Freelancers who cares only about getting money without actually getting results for your clients . . . this isn’t for you. 

Frankly, the entire No Pants Project probably isn’t for you. 

When you have a skill that delivers results for clients, Freelancing is actually pretty easy. 

For everyone else, this program can help.   

What You’ll Achieve 

When You Order Today 

Here’s my goals for you when you order Email Academy today: 

  1. You master the craft of writing emails that sell in all 5 of the Major Email Disciplines 
  1. You develop a daily habit of client getting (on just 15 minutes per day) 
  1. You start adding more and more monthly retainer clients thanks to your ability to write emails that get results 

Pretty simple, right? 

It’s also going to be wildly profound for your Freelancing business when you’re able to move forward with confidence knowing that you can provide measurable results for clients and they’ll keep you on a more permanent basis as a result of that. 

So, while it appears simple, it has profound implications, and that’s why it works. 

Order Now And You’ll Also Receive: 

Bonus #1 – The Daily Email Masterclass: How I Built A $1,000,000 Business With Daily Email 

Of all the emails you’ll learn about in this program, the daily email has a special place in my heart. 

When I pitch it to qualified prospects, the promise I make is that incorporating the daily email will at minimum, double their sales.   

I am confident in making this promise because I have seen it happen time and time again over the course of my career. 

The daily has done that and more for me as well, and in this masterclass I will walk you down the exact path I followed to get there. 

The secrets I’ll be sharing haven’t been a part of any previous trainings, and I’m not sure if I’ll include them in any other program but this one. 

If you are currently using the daily email in your own business (or you plan to in the future, which I highly recommend you do), I guarantee this class will lift your profit potential considerably. 

And if you only want to offer it to clients, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at what it really takes to make one of the most lucrative email writing specialties work for you. 

Bonus #2 – Advanced Email Copywriting With A-list Copywriters (The Interview Series) 

We’ve collected some of the greatest minds in today’s copywriting industry and let them spill their secrets. 

In-Depth Interviews with: 

  •  David Garfinkle “The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach” 
  •  Chris Orzechowski on Writing for Ecommerce 
  •  Jimmy Parents on Email Persuasion Secrets 
  •  And more . . . 

We’re gathering more interviews all the time with some of today’s best copywriters and I’ll make sure that when we do, we’ll add them to your program free of charge. 

Order Before Midnight On September 10th  

And You’ll Also Receive: 

Fast Action Bonus #1 – Live List Building Case Study 

A few months ago I recorded myself while I built a brand new list building funnel from scratch. 

But there was a catch… 

I wanted to build an email list while selling services for $3,000 and $5,000 at a time. 

In other words, I wanted to earn money while building the list at the same time. 

It took about 6 days to make my first $3,000 sale and since I recorded it all live, a small handful of people have gone on to replicate that same process and build a list of their own. 

If you order Email Academy before midnight September 10th, I’ll include access to that training for FREE as a Fast Action Taker bonus. 

Whether you use the training to build a list for yourself, or you use those skills to build email lists for your clients, having the over the shoulder view of how to get it done will be priceless. 

Let’s Make This Purchase 100% Risk Free 

Take 30 days to get inside Email Academy and give it a good and honest try. 

If, for whatever reason, you aren’t happy with it after the 30 days, shoot us an email and we’ll send you a full refund. 

My only request is that you go in and give it a fair shake. 

Don’t let it sit on your digital shelf gathering dust. Like any tool kit, it’s made to be used. 

I want you to be successful in this program. I only succeed when my students succeed, and my best students are the ones who show up consistently, work at their own pace, and make daily progress (no matter how small). 

If you can do that, I’m confident that what I’ve put into this program will change your life. 


Have Any Questions You Want  

Answered Before You Buy?  

Email Us: [email protected] 

Remember, you are backed by a 30-Day 100% money back guarantee. That means you join today with zero risk. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s build you a writing business! 

Mike Shreeve and the No Pants Team 


Q: “How do I know if I’d be any good at writing emails?”  


A: The straight answer: You won’t know until you try. 

The long answer: Nobody is good at first, but lots of people get better with practice, training, and a desire to get better. 

I was terrible at first. 

I am NOT a natural born writer. 

I had to buy book after book, course after course, and get client after client, before I finally “got it” and started getting repeatable results from my emails. 

What I’ve done with Email Academy is compress and compile that 10 years of figuring out what actually worked and turning all that into templates and training that anyone could use. 

With Email Academy you aren’t going to need to go buy a bunch more courses on email copywriting, you’ll have enough email templates for the 5 major email disciplines that you could get started writing for clients and continue for a few years providing results… just with what is inside of this program. 


Q: “Do I have to be a sales expert to write great emails?”  


A: No, but you should be interested in how humans work.


I teach a value first approach to email marketing and copywriting which means there’s no hard selling here, but… the driving philosophy behind these emails is: 

“If you want someone to believe you can help them, help them.” 

Which translates to: 

Figure out what people want. 

Show them how to get it. 

Tell them you can help them get it faster. 

All I need from you is a desire to follow that ^^^ process, and I’ll show you how to use my templates to make that happen in real life. 

The end result: sales for you and your clients. 


Q: “Don’t people hate getting sales emails in their inbox?”  


A: Yes, which is why we don’t do “booty call” emails. 

A value first approach to emails = people are happy to see your name in their inbox. 

I first learned this approach from Ryan Lee and have been using it for the past 7 years. If you were to add up all the money I’ve earned for myself and my clients since starting this method of emailing 7 years ago… it’s in the multiple millions. 

Turns out, when people enjoy getting your emails… it’s MUCH easier to make sales. 

Q: “Will you teach me how to get clients?” 

  1. Of course.

We have a few different methods, one of which is called Empire Building which takes 15 minutes or less per day and has resulted in at least one 6-figure success story that I have tracked since launching this course last September. 

Q: “How will I know what kind of emails to write for my clients?” 

  1. I’ll show you how to diagnose the exact problems your prospects have and what email solution is gonna be best for them.

In the program, we call these “Sales Maps” and they’re the key to prescribing the right email medicine for your clients. 

Also See: Kyle – The Process A Draft By Draft Copywriting Walkthrough

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