Mike Shreeve – 366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting (Template Pack)

Mike Shreeve – 366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting (Template Pack) Download

Mike Shreeve – 366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting (Template Pack) Download

Introducing: 366 Days Of Done-For-You Client Getting
The Complete Client-Getting Faucet “In A Box”

The Six Figure Freelancer’s 7 Day Year:
How To Get All The Clients You Need For A Stable, Six Figure Year of Freelancing…
In Just 7 Days

“As soon as you plug it in, this brand new system will work on your behalf 366 days of the year, automatically generating new clients and new sales all year long . . .

. . . because it’s based off the same principles I use to regularly add $1,000,000 a year to my client’s businesses.” 
Dear friend,
You already know that the key to getting real freedom in your freelancing business is getting three, simple pieces in place:
1. Finding your Superpower
2. Creating an automated client-getting faucet
3. Building packaged knowledge to create passive income
I’m constantly repeating how important these three steps are because it really is that simple.
After all when you started freelancing, you did it for the freedom.
You did it for the control.
And you did it to spend your time on the projects and hobbies you truly enjoy and the people you love, instead of wasting your time on “busy-work”.
But now you’re spending more time than ever on the things you don’t want to, and less and less on the work and people you love . . .
 . . . because consistent new clients are the lifeblood of your business.
Which means the time spent getting clients is the root of your freedom, and so it ends up taking over your top priorities.
How did this happen?
Well, it’s because you stopped after the very first step.
You’re still missing 2 critical pillars to create the freedom you’re craving.
And it’s only possible to get all 3 securely in place when you have an automated system that:
  •  Gets your business in front of targeted potential prospects every single day.
  •  Serves your prospects with the help they need exactly when they need it, automatically
  •  Consistently builds an audience full of warm, ideal client leads
  •  Pre-sells your customers on your higher level services while building loyalty and “raving fans”
  •  Indoctrinates your audience so they build bonds and trust with you every day
  •  Positions you perfectly to be the only provider they consider when it comes time to buy
  •  Creates new clients from prospects who weren’t ready before, by nurturing them into ideal clients over time
  •  And does all of this automatically, 24/7, 366 days a year WITHOUT sleeping, getting sick, or taking vacation . . . and for a fraction of the cost of outsourcing to another person or service provider . . .

The “Client Getting Faucet” is what creates the stability you’ve been missing.

It’s what allows you to keep focusing on using your Superpower to help others, instead of getting stuck looking for, and taking, whatever work you can find . . .

 . . . and it’s what allows you to create real leverage in your business by generating passive income.

But if you’re like most of my students, you get stuck when it comes to building an automated client-getting faucet because . . .
“I Don’t Have Enough Time To Build My Client-Getting Faucet!”

If you have to spend all your time to get clients, the idea of building a client-getting faucet, with all of its individual pieces and parts, feels impossible.

You’re already using every spare hour of the day finding clients, serving them, caring for your family, and keeping yourself in good enough condition to do it all again tomorrow . . .
Even when you decide to put in some “overtime” and get started, eventually you hit a “roadblock” and get stuck.
Then you run out of spare time.
You have to default back to a different, faster method of client-getting . . .
 . . . maybe cold outreach, or tapping your networks for referrals.
Then, a few new clients keep you busy, and the client-getting faucet goes on the back-burner.
Eventually you get up the time and grit to try it again.
But you come up on the very same roadblock that tripped you up last time.
Usually it’s something like . . .
“I Don’t Know Know What To Offer!”
There are so many things you know your ideal clients need help with.
But which one will hit closest to home?
Which one will stop them in their tracks and catch their attention?
What idea would be the most effective?
What angle?
You don’t have time to constantly be creating and testing new lighthouses or lead magnets.
You’re losing days just trying to come up with good ideas, let alone figure out which ones would be worth building and testing.
Plus you’re not even sure that the tests you run would turn out trustworthy results because…
“I Don’t Know How To Write The Most Effective Copy, and I Don’t Have Time To Learn How Either!”
You’re probably not a copywriter.
And even if you are, you’re going to struggle to write copy for yourself.
It’s hard to sell yourself.
It’s hard to remove all of the mental barriers, secret fears, and personal ambitions from the picture when it’s time to sell your own services.
Even top-tier marketers and copywriters hire other marketers and copywriters to help them. 
You’re not alone when you struggle to market yourself effectively, and dread having to “close” new clients . . .
 . . . even when you’re genuinely excited to serve someone and you’re certain you know exactly how to help them.
And even when you push through all of that, there’s still . . .
“This Tech Stuff Is Too Complicated!”

I’m not a tech person.

In fact, I outsource anything even remotely tech-related to someone else at the very first opportunity.
But outsourcing, even to just a lower cost VA, can add up fast . . .
(For a decent VA, for example, you might pay $15/hr for 10 hours a week minimum, which adds up to $1,800 a year to start – and you would still need to provide the directions at that price . . .)
 . . . and hiring a third-party service to do it all for you is even pricier.
(I offer done-for you client-getting-faucet to freelancers, and charge at least $25,000 for a one-time set-up . . . )
And neither of these options will solve the problem entirely—because you still need to manage the person or team you’ve hired to help you, which just adds more to your plate.

Then, When You Finally Get To The Most Valuable Piece . . .

“I Don’t Know Know What To Sell!”

You know that the third and final piece is what will transform your freelancing business . . .

. . . the packaged knowledge.
Creating passive income streams frees you from trading time for dollars.
It’s what creates real options in your business and life, which is where freedom comes from.
It’s what allows you to say no to a project that might be alright, but that doesn’t really excite you.
And what allows you to turn away clients who aren’t perfectly ideal.
Just last month I was able to earn almost $50,000 dollars in just 7 days:

And in 7 days it was done.

As in, I didn’t just go out and spend 7 days closing enough new contracts to collect that money, but still need to do months’ worth of work to actually earn it.
I simply put the work in to create a packaged knowledge product, and sold it.
And I can sell it again, whenever I want or need, to generate more revenue.
That’s real freedom – that’s leverage. 
And when you do it in your freelance business, packaged knowledge is what allows you to reliably double your effective hourly rate . . .
 . . . and make your freedom number a reality.
Which also gives you the freedom to cut your working hours in half, if that’s what you want.
But how do you get it right?
What do you sell?
This is what trips up almost every freelancer when you’re going through this process . . .
 . . . and where so many freelancers stall out.
Because you’ve been a service provider until now, and making that mental switch isn’t as easy as it sounds.
There’s some emotional and mental baggage to work through too . . .
And creating and putting your packaged knowledge out there is not easy as easy as just focusing on getting more clients instead, making working a few extra hours per week instead, and doing what you know and what feels safe.
At least, it wasn’t until now.

Trade Just 7 Days For A Complete Client-Getting Faucet,

From Start To Finish.

I’ve spent the past year and a half developing the answer to the client-getting faucet struggle.

An answer that will not only help you build the client-getting faucet itself . . .
. . . but that completes all three steps of the ideal freelance business.
It’s a single solution that provides:

1. Your superpower

2. Your client-getting faucet
3. And your packaged knowledge
All in as few as 7 short days, because it’s completely “done-for-you”.

Introducing: 366 Days Of Done-For-You Client Getting

The Complete Client-Getting Faucet “In A Box”

This is NOT a course.

I already teach you how to build client-getting faucets inside The No Pants Project, and some of the other high-level coaching programs I offer.
Instead, this is an entire client-getting faucet PRE-BUILT, that you simply “fill-in-the-blanks” to make your own, and start running ASAP. 
This is a TOOLSET for anyone who is ready to start automating their client getting asap.
Actually . . .
 . . . it’s 3 complete client-getting faucets, from lighthouse to booked discovery call thank you page, for 3 of the most common freelancing paths I see my students choose:

1. The Copywriter

2. The Content Writer or Content Director
3. The Social Media Ad Writer or Strategist
Which means that if you haven’t found your superpower yet, you can simply choose one of the three provided.
PLUS I specifically designed these client-getting faucet templates and roadmaps to work as templates you can customize for any other service you might offer . . .
. . . so if you already have your superpower figured out and it doesn’t fall into one of these 3 categories, you can still use these “done-for-you” client-getting faucets.

What You Get:
– 3 completely pre-built, fill-in-the-blank client getting faucets you can simply plug your own offers into and tweak for your unique personality, to start getting new clients on autopilot in 2020 . . .
– 3 distinct, pre-written Lighthouse samples and templates (one corresponding to each client-getting faucet “path”) you can use to take the guesswork out of what to offer and start building an audience full of ideal clients fast . . .
– FB Ad sets and templates based on some of my highest performing ads and powered by 10+ years of copywriting expertise, so you never need to worry about writing high-converting copy for yourself, or hiring a copywriter to do it for you, if you don’t want to . . .
– The very same pre-designed, custom Landing Page templates I use for my clients and my own businesses to maximize opt-ins and build strong, qualified audiences-including strategic copy honed over years of client-getting faucet building . . .
– Plug-n-play Lighthouse Download pages, completely pre-designed and matched to each distinct path to ensure your leads get a cohesive, professional experience that builds trust.
– Complete DFY Sales Pages you can plug your packaged knowledge into to drive break-even and passive-income sales, written by a veteran copywriter, to help you create real leverage in your business and raise your effective hourly rate fast . . .
– DFY Packaged Knowledge Checkout Pages-simply fill-in-the-blanks for the maximum, qualified conversions without the stress . . .
– 3 completely custom Packaged Knowledge Course Starter Kits, to guide you through creating packaged knowledge products that sell – simply record the content and plug it in to leverage your time and build passive income . . .
– Automate new discovery calls with DFY “Book A Discovery Call” Pages and never chase a client again – instead, all you need to do is show up ready to serve and on time to speak with potential clients pre-sold on what you have to offer . . .
– Automatically pre-qualify, prepare, and pre-sell your potential clients while building trust with fill-in-the-blank Thank You Pages for after they book a discovery call with you
– Miscellaneous templates and DFY copy assets for every part of the client-getting faucet, to ensure your never starting from a blank page or struggling to find the right words . . .
– Access to “Shared Funnels” inside Clickfunnels, where you can swipe the exact same, proven client-getting faucet pages I use for myself and my clients and get your faucet turned on as fast as possible . . .
– In-depth walkthrough guides for every tech aspect of the client-getting faucet, from start-to-finish, provided by my own personal funnel building team so you never feel lost or overwhelmed by the building process if you want to build your own client-getting faucet . . .

Bonus #1 – The Email Writing Toolkit
If you’re looking to build up your passive income as fast as possible then emailing your new list is exactly what you need.

Bonus #2 -366 Days of Done-For-You Client Getting As A Service
This is a complete guide on how to take all the pre-built, fill-in-the-blank assets you’re about to get and use them to create add an in-demand, premium service in your own business.

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