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Finally You Can SEE What’s Working & Get An ROI 


My book and programs are based off 1 thing, ROI. This book and program were built to help business owners FINALLY get an ROI for their advertising dollars! If you’re a business looking for a measurable way to track and see results then WATCH THIS VIDEO. 

If you’re an adverting agency looking for the tools and help to take your business to the next level and help you get amazing results for your clients, then you’ll love the agency program as well. 

This video is a quick look into my thinking on advertising and marketing. 


There are 3 Ways To Grow Your Restaurant Sales 

  • New Customers 
  • Repeat Customers 
  • Increase Average Check 

What are YOU doing to make these 3 possible ON DEMAND for your restaurant? The ROI Engine is built to grow a database of new and existing customers and then systematically drive them back into your restaurant for repeat visits and menu items they didn’t order before, hence increasing your average check. 


Don’t Take My Word For It Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say 

  • There’s nothing that Lee & I have done in the 15 years that we’ve been in business where e can say that we’ve been able to track our advertising to this extreme. 
  • TO have 1,900 people opt-in in 16 days & have 318 redeem their 1st offer and be able to track $11,252 in sales” 

This client owns 6 Casual Dining Pizza Restaurants. We launched their program in mid July and in a little over 2 weeks it had passed $11,000 in sales and over 1,900 customers in a database who want to visit. 





As 11/6/19, this client has been in our program for 14 weeks, below are the stats ONLY from our program. 

  • $92,406 in NET sales 
  • 284,320 social media impressions 
  • 9,077 engagements 
  • 7,642 Messenger, Email & Text Opt-ins 
  • 2,722 Trackable Customer Visits 
  • 26% of the opt-ins HAVE SPENT MONEY! 

Matt Plapp – ROI Engines  


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