Madalin Tudose – The SEO Checklist

Madalin Tudose – The SEO ChecklistThe SEO ChecklistTM is your highly-efficient, step-by-step SEO framework that will guide you through actionable strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to dramatically increase the ranking of your website and bring it where it belongs: on the 1st page of Google!

Lessons in The SEO Checklist:

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up Google Analytics
  3. Set Up Google Search Console
  4. Install an SEO Solution for Your Website
  5. Set Up Uptime Monitoring
  6. Set Up Keyword Rank Tracking
  7. Check for About, Contact, Privacy Policy and TOS Pages
  8. Check for Pretty Permalinks
  9. Check the Site is Mobile Friendly
  10. Check the Site Loads Fast
  11. Keep URLs Short
  12. Check and Optimize Your 404 Page
  13. Make it Easy to Share Your Content
  14. Claim Your Brand on Multiple Social Networks
  15. Use Heatmaps to See What Users Actually See
  16. Use a Top-Performing Web Host
  17. Check The Server is Located Close to Your Service Area
  18. Use a CDN
  19. Check for GZIP Compression
  20. Check for HTTP/2
  21. Use a Caching Solution
  22. Minify JS/CSS Files
  23. Resize Large Images at Upload
  24. Compress and Optimize images
  25. Lazy Load Images & Iframes(YouTube embeds, etc)
  26. Update Technology
  27. Optimize Database
  28. Switch to Https
  29. Check for One Single www Version
  30. Fix mixed content
  31. Create a Sitemap & Add it to Google Search Console(GSC)
  32. Create a robots.txt File
  33. Check that URLs have redirects to / or the canonical is set to /
  34. Check and Fix Broken Links
  35. Check and Fix Redirect Chains
  36. Fix Missing and Duplicate Meta Titles and Descriptions
  37. Use Redirects Properly
  38. Check for Index Coverage Issues
  39. Check for Manual Penalties
  40. Keep Pages at Maximum 3 Clicks from Reach
  41. Use “noindex” and “nofollow” Tags Properly
  42. Disable Irrelevant Content from Being Indexed
  43. Do Keyword Research
  44. Have a Solid SEO Content Strategy
  45. Create Long-Form Content
  46. Create 10x Content
  47. Identify & Fix Keyword Cannibalization
  48. Identify & Fix Duplicate Content
  49. Create Content Hubs
  50. “Feed” the Hubs with Supporting Content
  51. Update Content on a Regular Basis
  52. Add Content to Your Categories
  53. Build Up E-A-T
  54. Write for People, not for Search Engines
  55. Check the Target Keyword Matches User Intent
  56. Have the target keyword in URL, Title and Heading
  57. Use Focus Keyword in 1st Paragraph
  58. Use a Single H1 on Each Page
  59. Set an Enticing, yet SEO-Oriented Meta Title
  60. Write a Compelling Meta Description
  61. Use Subheadings for Content Hierarchy
  62. Format and Style the Content Properly
  63. Link to Relevant Inner Pages(Internal Linking)
  64. Link out to Relevant, Authoritative Websites
  65. Never Link to a Page/Website with the Same Anchor the Current Page is Targeting
  66. Name Your Images Properly
  67. Set Images Alt Text
  68. Check for Social Markup
  69. Check Dwell Time and Optimize It
  70. Strike for the Featured Snippet
  71. Don’t Over-Optimize
  72. Have a Solid Link Building Strategy
  73. Build Foundational Links
  74. Interlink Social Networks
  75. Guest Post on Niche-Related Blogs
  76. Ask Partners you’ve Worked with for a Link
  77. Turn Brand Mentions into Links
  78. Use Social Signals to Boost your Page Rankings
  79. Schedule Social Posting
  80. Claim your Google My Business Listing
  81. Claim Your Yelp Listing
  82. Claim your Bing Places for Business Listing
  83. Optimize Listings
  84. Get on General Relevant Directories
  85. Get on Niche-specific Directories
  86. Reply to Reviews
  87. Reach Out for Reviews
  88. Publish Google Posts
  89. Check for Site-wide NAP Details
  90. Have Consistent NAP Details Across the Site
  91. Have Consistent NAP Details on Listings & Social Networks
  92. Have a Content Strategy Targeting Local Topics
  93. Claim Brand Mentions from Local Sites
  94. Add Local Business Markup to your Homepage

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