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  Julie Solomon – The Influencer Academy

Here’s a scroll-stopping question for bloggers + entrepreneurs who put in CEO-amount of hours working on their business, but still get paid like an intern balancing a stack of papers in cute heels 

What’s the biggest difference between the big bloggers and content creators who make a full-time living as an entrepreneur leveraging their smarts to build out e-courses, partnerships, and their own product lines that totally justify high-fiving herself… 

… and feeling like you’re spinning your wheels just trying to keep up with content creation—wondering if you’ll ever get to the point when Nordstrom appreciates you as much as your bank account appreciates them? 


Let me know if this sounds familiar: 

  • You roll over and immediately move your hand until it hits—yep, right there: A hard, shiny glass screen. You tap open your go-to app and pause until the red pop-up displays a few vital metrics: Followers, check. Comments, check. Mentions, check. 
  • And thus begins the day—you’ll just add another shiny screen (mornin’, laptop!) and cup of coffee to the mix and quite literally work from sunup to sundown … alternating between Bravo and E! in the background + Postmates on the way while the hours tick later into the evening. 
  • Clicking through your Gmail on one display, thumbing through and answering follower comments on another. 
  • Some days it’s playing bumper cars in traffic to get to a photoshoot, most days its endless content creation. It’s a constant one-thing-after-another reactionary kind of day. 
  • Honestly, it usually feels like one step forward, and five steps back (Okay, let’s just be 2-glasses-of-frosé-al-fresco honest: lately it feels like no steps forward—just a dead end on some days). 

  Julie Solomon – The Influencer Academy



I’ve invested months of research and in-person time in the trenches with bloggers just like you: 

  • Entrepreneurs with anywhere from 150 to 150K followers, who still struggle to make this online thing their main source of income, no matter how many blogs they post, how many pitches they send out, or how much they max out the room for 30 hashtags per post that Zuckerberg and his team give us. 
  • Entrepreneurs who—even though they’ve invested in their brand before—have YET to see an online program that’s actually helped them cultivate a purpose-driven gameplan and path to their goals. 
  • Entrepreneurs who, despite starting at the SAME time *she* did, consistently sees other bloggers and brands who seem to be achieving momentum and growth… while they feel stagnant. 


The result? 

An easy-to-follow formula that gives you a crystal-clear blueprint for the way out of overwhelm and discouragement, so you can get confident with the guidance you need to tap into your brilliance as an influencer. 



Here’s What You Get Inside 

You need an actual business strategy curated for someone in your niche. Strategy that builds your dreams when you feel like the algorithm’s not quite linking arms with you. THAT is sustainability, and that’s what we’re after with The Influencer Academy. 

Julie Solomon – The Influencer Academy  


Module 1: Purpose 

Here’s how I put it: what would it look like if your business were easy? If it were even creative and fun? It’s time to get the freedom and the invitation that is needed to show up. THIS is the foundation of the business you grow. 

You’ll learn: 

How To Define Your Why 

Your passions will flow in and out, but if you’re staying true to the core—your why, you won’t be all over the place and going crazy. The more you’re in tune with your “why,” the more simplified everything else becomes. 

Lock In & Customize Your 4 Purpose Pillar Plan 

Build the foundation and lay the groundwork for what needs to be your laser-focused purpose this moment. You’ll learn how to clarify your goals so you don’t waste time doing things that don’t align … if it’s not in your core four, let it go. 

How To Own Your Incomparable Influence 

Here’s your pink permission slip to step into your purpose. In this lesson, we’ll dig into some limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that are feeding that pesky imposter syndrome alive-and-well inside that head of yours. It’s time to communicate your message and mission in a way that truly connects with your audience. 

How To Stay In Your Lane 

Let’s chat through how to make sure you keep your vision and purpose at the forefront of where you’re going. And yes, we’ll talk about competition and collaboration. There’s a time and a place to love ’em, but there’s a time and a place to leave them, too. By the end of this module, you’ll have a clear-cut understanding of your purpose which lays the foundation for everything else. 


Module 2: Brand Strategy 

Niching down is a form of action. How do you get action? It comes from engagement—and not the kind on Instagram. In this module, we’ll zero in on what will ACTUALLY move your business forward so you can grow and scale things. 

You’ll learn: 

Introduction To Brand Strategy 

I LOVE branding, but without a game plan, it’s just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Here, we’ll learn to figure out the goal and the timeline—so you look at your stats and see if you’re getting a return. 

Becoming A Leader And Understanding Your Value 

Personal branding is the name of the game in our niche—which means we need to honor what you do best, and throw out the rest. Get ready to step into your leadership, and get clear on what it is you offer to the online world. 

Streamlining Your Passions: How To Identify Your 3 Key Business Drivers 

Just because you have lots of interests and enjoy multiple passions (me too!) doesn’t mean they’re all conducive to your growth as a business. The goal? Stop stretching so thin. We’ll niche down your unique business strengths, so you have a clear cut plan on what to focus on to grow your audience and profits. (Hint: this one’s a BIG concept, but I’ve got your back as we get through it together!) 

Moving From Vision To Implementation 

I’m passionate about this one, so get ready. We need to figure out what you need to keep doing, and hire out or automate the rest. THIS is a key for getting more time in your day, because there are certain things that ONLY you do best… and there are plenty of things that you can inexpensively get a hand with. We’ll cover that here. 


Module 3: Communication & Marketing 

If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one. It’s time to get laser focused on who you’re talking to, and have a little heart to heart with ’em. At the end of the day, Instagram isn’t for conversion—it’s for kick-starting the conversation and building a connection. It’s one of many marketing tools I want you to use, deal? In this module, you’ll learn how to influence your marketing with inspiration and integrity. 

You’ll learn: 

Conversion vs. Awareness (and Why it Matters) 

In this lesson, we’ll talk through the purposes of the social media platforms we’re all using. Instagram is GREAT for many things (hello, awareness!), but when it comes to actual conversion, there are other tools in the toolbox I want you to be using. 

Building Relationships 

That’s the name of the game when it comes to authentic marketing, right?? Let’s discuss how you can identify the correct brand connections to build relationships with, and narrow down your target ideal pitch list so you can start going after them. 

How to Diversify Your Marketing Efforts 

From guest blogs and posting to pitching contributor posts and everything in between, we’ll plan out a robust marketing system for you to put to work here. Social media is just the tip of the iceberg, and I want you to see how so much more is out there for you! 

5 Tips to Gain a Highly Engaged Audience & Growth Hacking for Social Media Success 

You may have heard, but brands care LESS about your follower count these days… and more about how engaged your followers are. We’ll discuss the best platforms for your business, so when you finish this lesson, you’ll understand how to ramp up social media that sells. 


Module 4: List Building 

Instagram and Facebook—even your blog—could shut down tomorrow, but if you’ve got people’s email addresses? Now, you own the asset. Your email list is the most important platform you’ll own—but also the one that almost all influencers ignore. If you’ve ever had big dreams of launching a line, a book, a product, e-course or ANYTHING like that, you have got to have a direct way to connect with your audience. In this module, we’ll get over everything from tech woes to fears about spamming inboxes… and even exactly what to say when you land in your buds’ inboxes. 

You’ll learn: 

Why Your List is Your Most Important Platform 

People’s inboxes are prime real estate, so getting access to them is a pretty big deal. 

How to Start an Email List 

It’s too easy to let the tech confusion and writer’s block get in the way of this one—I KNOW firsthand that “list building” can make you wonder what in heaven’s name people are even talking about (been there, wondered that), but we’re going to break that all down. Deal? Deal. MMkay? 

List Building with Social Media 

From giveaways to peer collaborations, there are SO many ways to grow your budding email list with the platforms you already know like the back of your hand. Let’s build this out through this lesson. 

10 Ways to Build a List in 30 Days 

Let’s speed this puppy up, because you know I’m an action taker. There’s too big of a conversion factor with email lists for you to miss out on it. This is one of the quickest game-changers in building your tribe, so let’s hop to it. 

The 80/20 Rule 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like you’ve got to be a content machine just to keep up these days—can I get an amen? It’s time to flip the script: let’s switch to spending 20% of your time creating, and 80% of your time promoting. You’ll learn how to create content that helps increase your engagement rates, generate a year’s worth of content ideas in one sitting, and discover how to create high quality content even when you have no time in the day. If you’ve ever wondered how our company creates consistent free content and how you can too, you’ll love this lesson! 

50 Bankable Subject Lines 

I love a good zinger of a subject line. Why? Because A. they’re fun, and B. if they’re not opening your emails because of a real dud of a subject line, they’re not getting their eyes on your fabulous content. And that’s the goal. 

Welcome Sequence 101 

What do your subscribers get once they sign up? Ta da! This is where they start to build the “know, like and trust” with your brand. So many in our niche aren’t doing this, but it will get you more followers and sales down the road. 


Module 5: Creating Your Own Products & Services 

What would you do if you couldn’t fail? You had starry-eyed dreams of creating MORE impact when you got into all of this, right? That’s what I thought. Now, let’s talk about serving your ideal avatar beyond the content you already create—this will lead to diversified revenue streams. At the end of this, you’ll know how to create, price, and deliver products and services that lead to diversified revenue streams and a loyal fanbase. 

You’ll learn: 

How to Bake Quality into Your Offerings 

Pricing is tough when it comes to anything—from brand collabs to digital products or consulting. Here, you’ll get a deep-dive into strategies that work for the type of offerings you’re thinking of packaging up. 

Return on Influence 

Brand deals, licensing, and sponsorships are flattering, no doubt. Some part of your brand’s revenue will likely be in this bucket, but I want to get you to a place where you think through all that they entail, because a return on your investment, income, and INFLUENCE is what we’re after. 

8 Different Ways Influencers Can Monetize 

Let’s think beyond the usual. From ads to affiliate marketing, subscriptions to licensing (remember that Gal Meets Glam Nordstrom dress collection we were all drooling over?), in this lesson, we’ll go through the ins and outs of other ways you can drive profits in your business. 

10 Product & Service Ideas You Can Create 

Here’s where we’ll brainstorm through a list of things you can offer your audience, to coaching, educational services to events. 

Building Out Your Product Ladder 

Business-y sounding, but stick with me: this unlocks so much for you. By inching your loyal fans up a ladder of price points, we’re going to get even closer to creating that freedom for you. I’ll show you my very own product ladder, so you can create your own. 


Module 6: Scaling and Next Steps 

You’ll learn: 

How to Know Where You Are Now… Really 

This is something you MUST consider when deciding what your next move is—let’s get a 360 degree overview that will serve as a check-in as we plan your path. 

Goal Setting Framework 

The exact framework that I learned under a leadership expert, tightened as I built my own agency, and then perfected as a blogger and influencer myself. We’ll talk 3 months out, 6 months out, 12 months out, and more. 

How to Increase Your Productivity 

What you should do to increase your productivity, so get ready to talk nerdy as we cover apps, software, and programs to up your efficiency and streamline your workflow. 

Quarterly Check-in Calendar 

The step-by-step, simple *yet powerful* Quarterly Check-in Calendar system that I use in my own business, making sure I give myself feedback and track my progress as my business grows. 

Working On Your Business, Not In It 

We’ll wrap up with a heart to heart about one of the biggest mistakes bloggers and business owners make—I want you to sustain success and trust yourself, so I’ll be giving you a dose of Julie tough-love as we finish up your core curriculum, so we set you up for success! 

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