Jordan Mackey – Tube Monetization And Automation Program


Jordan Mackey – Tube Monetization And Automation Program

Jordan Mackey – Tube Monetization And Automation Program

First off, welcome to the family!
In this introduction module I will introduce myself and tell you a bit about my journey. I will also give you my personal email for any questions you have and you will receive access to our private Facebook group community!
You will receive information on how the course works, as well as an overview of how this YouTube process works.
You will receive a briefing of YouTube, as well as an overview of the four YouTube channel strategies this program covers (personal brand, list channels, combination channels, and “no face or voice” channels.)
This will ensure you and I are on the same page from the second we begin our journey.
In Module 2 we will walk you through every step of the process from idea generation, to doing the research, to choosing your actual niche.
This is one area where most people struggle, but this simple step-by-step formula will end in you having your niche already picked out, which is half the battle!
Thanks to the simple and full-proof process we have created, you will have your niche decided in no time.
We will also dive into CPM (how much your channel is paid for every 1,000 views) and I will reveal the highest paying CPM niches.
If you still haven’t decided, don’t worry because I have compiled a massive 200 niche list for you to choose from.
If you’re a complete beginner, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!
The best place to start is showing you around YouTube. I will walk you through setting up your YouTube account and creating your channel, and I will also show you around the YouTube dashboard and YouTube analytics.
We will also walk you through creating your Google Adsense account that will hopefully serve as your future income portal.
As a beginner, this module will be valuable for showing you the ropes in a very step-by-step way. Even if you’re a YouTube veteran, you may just pick up on a few things you didn’t know before in this module!
Now comes the heavy hitter.
In order to produce income on YouTube, you need to monetize your channel. This module is jam-packed with methods of getting monetized that no other program will show you.
This module has been used by thousands of students to reach monetization, sometimes as quickly as a week or two!
You will learn the process and requirements for getting your channel monetized, and will then be shown tons of tips, tricks, and hacks for monetizing your channel in as quickly as a couple of weeks!
Then we will blow you away and open your eyes to possibilities you had no idea were out there!
You will learn a few different ways you can monetize your channel instantly and completely skip the review!
This is something that took me years of research to discover and you will not find it in any other program, so you’re not going to want to miss this one.
You have your niche picked out, but what types of videos should you post?
Don’t worry, we have a process for that too! By the end of this module you will have 40 – 60 video ideas picked out and ready to go. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?
Don’t worry, after following our step-by-step patented keyword process you will be flooded with almost unlimited video ideas and topics for your chosen niche!
You will learn the process for keyword research and compile a massive list of the best high traffic, low competition keywords in your niche.
Most people miss out on identifying these massive opportunity keywords, but thanks to module 5 you won’t!
I will also personally show you a case study of a video that I posted that generated almost $2,000 in three days on a brand new channel with just one video.
So now you have your niche picked out, check. You have 40 – 60 video topics, check. You have a massive list of high traffic and low competition keywords, check!
But how do you create your videos? Let module 6 be your guide. No other program dives into editing videos step-by-step the way this one does.
This module will cover every single step of the video creation process, from finding the royalty free and stock footage clips, music, and images you will be using to putting them all together in a free and easy to use video editor.
You will also learn about some amazing software that will allow you to create this entire video within five minutes. Sounds too good to be true, right? Nope!
You will also learn how to create personal brand content as well if that’s your thing.
You will then be given done-for-you video scripts and templates for both list channels and personal brand channels so you can systematize your videos.
After this module you will be a video editing master in no time!
Now comes our bread and butter.
This module is all about SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds!
SEO is a very important concept to understand and will greatly increase your chances of your videos and your channel getting views, and will help you rank on the front page of YouTube and Google. These are simple concepts that many people do not fully understand and they are sacrificing success as a result.
There are 7 crucial steps to getting your videos to go viral, and you will learn all of them here!
I hold nothing back as I show you everything you need to know about getting your videos and channel found when starting from scratch, as well as hacks to make your videos go viral!
You will learn how to rank in the search results, and more importantly how to get suggested by YouTube.
We will cover titles, tags, and thumbnail research and learn the anatomy of what makes a high click through thumbnail. After that, I will show you exactly how you can create your own engaging thumbnails.
We will also cover how to correctly use subtitles to help rank your videos. Bet you never thought of that one, huh?
More importantly, I will show you how to do the research so you will know how to successfully do this for any and every niche you choose.
You’ve learned the YouTube basics, you’ve chosen your niche, you’ve gotten your channel monetized, you’ve got 40 – 60 video topics chosen, and you’ve learned how to create those videos.
Now it’s time for what we’re really all here for!
In this module you will learn how to place ads on your videos (it’s very simple and only takes a couple of clicks.) I will show you the best ad types to choose and the best strategy for placing ads.
You will also learn many additional methods for monetization your channel, such as sponsorships, website memberships, print on demand, and much more!
You will learn about a secret channel translation strategy that almost every YouTube channel misses out on.
Then, I will reveal my secret that I have used to increase my earnings by up to TEN TIMES the amount others have been able to get for the same amount of views.
This secret right here is the one that I discovered that changed my life so you’re not going to want to miss this one!
Have you ever noticed no other program shows you the actual channels and niches they use to earn income, and instead they just skim the surface in a generic way? Well, grab your snorkel and get ready for a deep dive!
Module 9 is the module that blows all other programs out of the water. In this module I will fully peel back the curtain and show you the exact three niches I use to be successful on YouTube.
This module is over an hour and a half long and deep dives into the three niches I use, the exact channels I get my videos from, the tags, titles, and thumbnails I use to be successful, and the research process I use for my niches.
After this module you can plug and play and use the same exact videos, titles, tags, thumbnails, tactics and strategies I use. But more importantly, Module 10 will give you the bigger picture.
This module will give you the mindset for how you should go about the research process, and will show you how you can learn your own niche inside and out and identify exactly what the potential viewer is looking for.
This is the most in-depth and thought provoking module and is much more deep than what you will find in any other program.
Have you ever wondered how you can earn a living on almost complete autopilot while others do the work for you? Module 11 is where the magic happens.
In this module I will introduce you to multiple ways you can cheaply outsource any part of the process. Don’t want to edit videos? Have someone else do it for you! Don’t have a great voice for doing voice overs? No problem!
This module will show you how you can outsource any and every part of the process and create your own automation assembly line team so you can build multiple channels and earn all of the revenue while everyone else does the work for you.

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