Jon Benson – The NOW VSL Method 2020


Jon Benson – The NOW VSL Method 2020

Jon Benson – The NOW VSL Method 2020

Words That Get Cash.

In today’s frenetic and fast paced world, grabbing your customer’s attention is more important than ever before. And nothing is better than a Video Sales Letter. Face it, we live in a viral world full of grumpy cats, laughing babies and endless epic fails.

Making sales online used to be as easy as putting up an old-school sales letter. Today, when a potential customer lands on your site if you don’t grab them immediately they’re on to the next bright, shiny object.

The truth: If you want to make sales online, you need a Video Sales Letter.

And the good news: Video Sales Letters can convert up to 300% better than a regular sales letter alone.

Until just recently, you’d have to pay a small fortune to get a pro to write one for you. Well not any more.

The Now VSL allows anyone, regardless of experience or knowledge, to write a powerful, converting Sales Letter using the secret formula responsible for over Billion Dollars in sales online.

Word-Money That Goes Where You Go

Some folks play video games on their smart phones. Smart folks play money games: and Now VSL is one of the best word-money games you can ever play. It converts words into cash. Now THAT is fun. That’s why we made sure our online proprietary software was fully responsive, and compatible with all browsers on both Mac and PC machines, pads, devices, and phones. Why not make the next vacation that you take a paid getaway? All you need is WiFi and you’re set.


The Billion-Dollar VSL Formula

There’s only one VSL and Sales Page Formula that can boast more than $1 Billion in revenue sold for customers across the world, in over 35 languages and counting: Jon Benson’s VSL Formula. Only Now VSL features the VSL Formula that’s been used by every top marketer on the planet, as well as start-ups, rogue Internet entrepreneurs, offline businesses, B2B, and more. Without “The Billion-Dollar Formula”, you might as well go at it on your own.

Click-and-Save Copy Proven To Work

Anyone can provide you a template with cheesy copy that some second-hand copy hack scribbled on a cocktail napkin. Believe us, we’ve seen the cheap knock-offs, and watched as their customers came limping over to us. The Now VSL features line-by-line, word-for-word copy, written by the top VSL copywriter in history, and the inventor of the VSL, Jon Benson. Copy that’s been tested and proven to convert in hundreds of multi-million dollar VSLs. We don’t guess. WE KNOW. That’s why the testimonials on this page sound the way they do. With over 1,000,000 copy iterations and constant updates, your VSL will sound unique and convert like crazy.

Instant Sales Slide Formatting

Listen, nothing is more frustrating than formatting the slides for your sales copy. So the Now VSL does all the work for you! Choose from the drop down menu and click on “Export to PowerPoint/Keynote.” Your sales letter will instantly be inserted and formatted inside PowerPoint or Keynote.

All Your Slides, Paragraphs, And Notes In One Convenient Place

We know that Powerpoint, Keynote, Word, Text Edit, and scribbling on Post-It Notes can be a drag when you’re in a creative flow. That’s why Now VSL keeps everything for you at a glance. Just toggle down to see every slide and every paragraph of your VSL or sales page. Click to edit, delete, or rearrange with a simple click. Take notes, and lock them right into the section you’re on. You’ll never forget another bright idea or killer hook.

We Make Putting Your VSL Online A Snap

You’ll find everything you need to know to take your cash-cow VSL from the Now VSL-generated Powerpoint or Keynote file, right to a final, web-ready Video Sales Letter. Even better: we show you the compression secrets used by the eight and nine-figure VSL pros that will save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on hosting fees. Most marketers have no idea that compression size and a few insider tech tricks can make the difference between a failed VSL and a cold-traffic killer. Just this section alone can add a zero or more to your VSL revenue.

Exclusive Access To The Copy Posse

Now you can leverage one of the highest-paid copy consultants on the planet! I’m $5,000/hour to consult with, except for my feedback on The Copy Posse… that’s free to you, for life, as long as you’re a paid Now VSL member! Plus, imagine having some of the best cash-getting wordsmiths at your fingertips, 24/7… from start-ups to multimillion dollar entrepreneurs, from marketing and copywriter pros like John Carlton, Ryan Deiss, Chris Haddad, and more. This is a paid members only group, which means you’ll never see a pitch or a paparazzi snooping around our Inner Circle.

The Persuasion Formula Videos On Each And Every Slide

Sure, you can click and save your way to a cash-ready VSL. However, that’s not how Now VSL brings in the billions. The mega-dollar marketers want to discover WHY these copy tactics convert prospects into buyers, seemingly like magic. That’s why we give you The Persuasion Formula Videos: so you can see what’s under the hood, up the sleeve of the Sales Copy Wizard, and apply these tactics to ALL of your copy needs. Emails, blogs, ads, sales letters, opt-in pages, smoke signals… it’s that powerful.

Killer Bonuses For Rapid Results

EVERYONE Gets In Bonuses, Including:

The 1-Minute, 5-Minute, And 20-Minute VSLs AUTO-CREATED

Need a super-quick opt-in page video that pulls leads like a moth to neon? How about a mini-sales VSL that kills it as an upsell or live video close? Want the power of Jon’s VSL Formula in a direct-to-the-point format? Then you’re in luck: Now VSL’s upcoming software will auto-generate your 1-Minute, 5-Minute, and 20-Minute VSLs based on your long-form VSL entries. (Note: This feature is not included in the Beta version.) (

Deep Dive Training Videos

Over twelve additional hours of deep dive training into the most essential components of every VSL, complete with live Q&A sessions and case studies. You have everything you need to be successful inside Now VSL. With this additional training you’ll have everything you need to become a master of selling anything online.

BONUS #1 The 28-Day Product Creation Formula

Don’t have a product yet? We’ve got you covered with Jon’s 28-Day Product Creation Formula. You’ll be held by the hand and walked through everything you need to do in order to get your first product up and online in only four short weeks, literally day-by-day! You are a mere 28 days away from making your first dollar online. It’s truly “From Concept To Cash!”

BONUS #2 Your 60-Day Free Trial of Vidalytics

If you want to know how I get auto-play on iPhones (which JACKS my conversions), lead captures on video pauses, and countless other VSL master tactics, look no further than Vidalytics. I’m giving you 60 days FREE so you can check it out yourself!

BONUS #3 FREE Lifetime Subscription To Easy VSL

Once Now VSL creates your VSL script for you, you’ll want to get it into video form as fast as possible. Now you can do it in MINUTES, plus record your audio (or sync up a recorded audio automatically) with a few clicks! We’ve teamed up with Easy VSL to give you this TURN-KEY VSL slide and video creation solution!

BONUS #4 The Story Formula

The Story Formula, recorded at a per-person private mastermind at my Malibu home. VERY exclusive! You can use this to easily craft a compelling story that SELLS.

SUPER BONUS: Leads In A Box!

TURN-KEY lead generation system for getting more leads and customers, including…

  • Bulletproof Market Research Blueprint
  • Bulletproof Facebook Ad Secrets
  • Bulletproof YouTube Ad Secrets
  • Bulletproof Twitter Ad Secrets
  • Bulletproof GDN Ad Secrets
  • Bulletproof Adwords Ad Secrets
  • Bulletproof Instagram Ad Secrets
  • PLUS: The Bot Marketing System

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