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Joanna Wiebe (Copyhackers) – 10X Emails

Write emails that engage so you can win new customers and bring cash in whenever your business needs it

All businesses are email businesses. Email continues to healthily outperform every other marketing channel for revenue growth. Which is what makes it such an amazing opportunity for you. And which is what makes 10x Emails our #1 most-loved program. 

If you’ve read emails or sales pages from Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, Dan Martell or Josh Shipp, chances are extraordinarily good you’ve read Ry’s work. Ry’s the copywriter behind some of the biggest course launches in recent history.  

His sales emails have helped drive more than $15,000,000 in revenue – and that’s just in the last two years. Extraordinarily pricey to hire (and worth every zero on the cheque), Ry runs a four-month waitlist and is quickly becoming the most in-demand launch copywriter in Canada and the US.

If you’re ready to put your greatest biz asset to use – and start using your emails to their full potential – here’s just a taste of what you’ll be able to do with 10x Emails by your side. 

You’ll 10x your strategic marketing brain and:

  • Plan your email sequence by mapping out the precise emotional and persuasive triggers you need to pull to bring your reader to the AHA moment she has to experience to say yes→ the moment that convinces her your tool is the right choice
  • Use smart audience segmentation so that – when you send them the emails they want – these emails translate into stripe notification pings
  • Know what strategies to test and how to test them so you can do a whole lot more winnin’ by running meaningful tests instead of pitting elements against each other like a weird A/B testing version of the Hunger Games
  • Sending sales emails that don’t make people hate you and don’t make you feel like a giant sleezeball
  • Using the “bag of emails” – a pick-n-mix assortment you didn’t know you were missing, full of cash and loyalty generating email frameworks you can set to work straight away

You’ll 10x your convert-and-persuade copywriting brain by:  

  • Gaining access to proven, repeatable frameworks and blueprints that take your copy from meh to whoa-fickin-awesome in a fraction of the time.
  • Wave adieu – confidently – to the blank page. To the feeling that you don’t know what to write. And instead, embrace the feeling of confidence – and dare I say, certainty – that can come with feeling like you know what you’re doing by using qualitative research techniques to mine voice of customer data
  • Incorporating key psychological triggers and proven formulas that persuasively – and ethically – guide your reader to the yes without sounding like everyone else.

Your business is an email business. Killer sales emails keep you in business. Knowing how to write them puts you in the pilot’s seat. 

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