Jim Kwik – Limitless Audiobook

Limitless AudiobookJim Kwik – Limitless Audiobook

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I’m guessing that you’ve accepted limitations put on you either by others or by yourself.

Do you believe the following?

You’re a slow learner.
You can’t read fast enough to keep up with everything you need to know.
Problem-solving is difficult. You’re just no good at it.
You can’t deliver a presentation without having a script in front of you.
You’re awful at math (or writing or something else)?
The Belief that you are limited might be holding you back from your biggest dreams.


1You upgrade your brain so that you operate with complete focus and concentration?2You go from slow learner to conquering any subject fast—you learn at exponential speeds.3You discover the genius superpowers inside of you—we all have them, waiting to be unlocked.


“We’re all born with boundless capacities. What we make of them has everything to do with attitude and application. Filled with inspiring examples and finely honed techniques, Limitless is an uplifting exploration of our natural human gifts and a groundbreaking toolkit for how to make the most of them. Drawing from his own extraordinary achievements as learner and teacher, Jim Kwik robustly overturns conventional ideas of intelligence and achievement with a compelling and practical handbook for change.”


Educator and New York Times Best Selling Author“Jim Kwik makes us smarter! I know, because Jim taught me techniques to reframe how I understand my own limits and learn how to tap unused capacity in my brain.”


Best-selling author of The Infinite Game“Jim Kwik has the ability to expand your mind and shine a light on your inner genius. Like my song Unwritten says – Your life is your story. Limitless will help you write yours with new possibilities.”


Grammy Award Nominated Singer & Songwriter“This is for anyone held back by information overload, limiting beliefs, distraction, forgetfulness or low motivation. There’s no genius pill, but Jim gives you the process for unlocking your best brain and brightest future.”


Head of Strategy and Innovation
Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine & 12-Time NYT Bestselling Author“Jim Kwik is one of the smartest people I know. Having worked with superheroes throughout my career, I know superpowers when I see them, and Jim Kwik’s ability to help people learn is one of the world’s great superpowers. He’s trained our team and talent, I recommend his book to any person or organization looking to level up their mental performance.”


Paramount Pictures
Chairman & CEO“As founder of the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, I’m keenly aware of how important it is to keep your mind and memory sharp. Jim Kwik’s tools and techniques in Limitless are your brain’s best friends.”


Emmy Award-winning journalist
Founder of the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement & New York Times Bestselling Author“There’s a whole science behind brain fitness, memory enhancement, and mental acuity, and Jim Kwik is the ultimate guide. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to maximize their cognitive potential and learning abilities.”


PhD. Director of the Women’s Brain Initiative & Author of Brain Food and The XX Brain“As a person who has quested for knowledge his entire life, I fully embrace what Jim Kwik has to teach in Limitless. When you learn how to learn, anything is possible, and Jim is the best in the world at showing you how.”

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Music Producer
Grammy Living Legend Award“Jim Kwik is just amazing. In my book ‘Use Your Brain to Change Your Age,’ I wrote a whole chapter about him because one of the strategies to reverse brain aging and to prevent Alzheimer’s disease is to work on your brain. And there is no one that I trust more than Jim Kwik and his programs to optimize brain functioning.”


Clinical Neuroscientist & New York Times Bestselling Author“My research on Alzheimer’s disease has taught me that we must continually strive to invent new ways to use our brains instead of settling on the same routine and repetitive thought patterns. Jim Kwik’s Limitless is a revelation in learning how to learn. You’ll discover new possibilities to challenge your mind and live your best life.”


Alzheimer’s Disease researcher, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Med School & MGH, bestselling author of Super Brain, Super Genes & The Healing Self“When you connect to your true self, something magical happens. I help people express themselves through movement and dance. Jim Kwik’s Limitless taps into that same reservoir of belief that anything is possible.”


Emmy-winning dancer, actress, singer and creator of KINRGY“Jim Kwik is by far the world’s best Memory Trainer. Our program with Jim on MindValley became the number one program of the year and in a study of almost 1000 students the average increase in reading speed was an astonishing 170% in just 7 days of 10 mins a day lessons.”


CEO of MindValley & New York Times Bestselling Author

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