The Ultimate Advanced Local SEO Course


Introduction to the most Advanced Local SEO Course

We are now going to present you the crème de la crème of our current best working Local SEO techniques. These now are the most badass techniques in local SEO. Everyone we have shown it to, has been raving about it!!!!!

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We are going to show you how to Replicate Real-World Popularity around your GMB.

In this course we teach you everything you need to know how to automate user behavior signals and how you can do this without creating a pattern for Google. We’re going to show you 3 different strategies to use depending on the stage of ranking.

We refer to them as Blueprint Implementation Strategies:
It starts with the Gardener Strategy. This is when you’re not yet ranking and have a red/orange geogrid.

Then there’s the Surfer Strategy for medium level mixed red/orange/green geogrid.

Then finally, the Juggernaut strategy for the high level light green to dark green mixed geogrids.

You get an SOP so that anyone can implement it based on your stage of rankings.

You will get access to a spreadsheet that will help you precisely calculate how much traffic you need / what level of signals you will need to send for each stage of your campaign.

So with this course, we’re going to teach you how to use clicks and other user behavior methods to rank from start to finish.

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Get all our GMB SECRETS that do not involve standards local seo techniques you have heard 100s of times:
Normal Local SEO focuses on the standard local citations + backlinks + social media creation + the usual stuff everyone already knows. We only implement unique techniques



Grow your LOCAL rankings with our MANUAL & AUTOMATED CTR TECHNIQUES:
Over rigourous testing we are presenting you the 5% BEST MANUAL & AUTOMATED CTR STRATEGIES



Grow your GMB rankings with our refined Blueprint Implementation Strategies:
Gardener Strategy: beginning stage of red/orange geogrid
Surfer Strategy: medium level mixed red/orange/green geogrid.
Juggernaut strategy: for the high level light green to dark green mixed geogrids.

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Common problems with Behavioral SEO is the failure to create “genuine” local relevance and mimicking signals of genuine local interest. The Dr. X SEO GMB Course documents strategies that effectively mimic search interest from geo locations around the business in various forms.

The strategies in this course are the results of rigorous SEO testing. 95% of tests fail, the successful 5% of tests are what make up this course.

Our motto with SEO has always been: always test out your stupid ideas. If you don’t test it out, that stupid idea will always stay a stupid idea. But when you test it out and it is a success, run with it.

Do you want ALL OUR SECRETS?

We discuss how to leverage external entities’ authority for our own GMB listings, real-world signals around your GMB.
We also discuss Image SEO and some easy ways how you can influence Google.

Also why the old way of using local guides for ORM is flawed.

As well as an easy solution for call tracking methods for SEOs in smaller countries where there aren’t that many options.

Why don’t we promote micro workers for behavioral SEO? As we see it, here are a few main issues: they are not automated, they create patterns and most importantly: many times they will just use a VPN while located somewhere else in the world to create traffic for your country and do many irrelevant searches for their clients globally. Basically, they’re not to be trusted.

The course is not only about user behavior signals, it also covers other aspects of GMB and Local SEO strategies that fall outside of the standard methods. Normal Local SEO focuses on the standard local citations + backlinks + social media creation + the usual stuff everyone already knows.

We don’t focus on any of that. We also don’t discuss theoretical ideas, just proven methods we know that still work today.

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DR.X SEO – Advanced GMB Course Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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