Dr. Hemmel Amrania – Passive Affiliate Blueprint

Dr. Hemmel Amrania – Passive Affiliate Blueprint Download

Dr. Hemmel Amrania – Passive Affiliate Blueprint

About The Dr. Hemmel Amrania

  • Awarded Royel Society prize for contributions in breast cancer research
  • Recognized as the recipient of the Outstanding Research Award Imperial College
  • Fantastic career, but I was 35 years old in one bed flat
  • In the year 2019 Hemmel was introduced to digital marketing. starting with traditional affiliate marketing and then a little tweaked it from an thought he had while during a train ride. The concept turned out to be a life-changing experience according to the course he took in his PAS.
  • Has run campaigns for Stella McCartney, Gennaro Contaldo & Jimmy Doherty
  • Over the course of a year, I managed more than PS2.5 Million in advertising Spend (Ie. PS2.5M worth of data on advertising) to study and share with the students in this course.
  • Top ranking UK affiliate for several brands
  • A humble, honest person with a middle-class background who was able to discover an efficient system, and decided to create an initiative called the Passive Affiliate System as a way to share his experiences with other entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business.
  • Note that this program will only last for a short period of time and only for a very limited number of users. Due to the overwhelming demand, we strongly suggest buying now to avoid being left out.

A few Of the Dr. Hemmel Amrania’s Case Studies

  • Top most ranked Affiliate with Stella & Dot in Hemmel’s 1st month – $3,358.82 commissions earned in the one month with a minimal expenditure.
  • The most successful health company affiliate The top performing health company affiliate PS6,770 earned commission in a single month
  • UK’s fastest-growing affiliate and the highest ranking affiliate an industry that makes health supplements that has earned over PS1,000 a month commission in the last 20 months, with a minimal advertising spending and time for managing the campaigns.
  • Changed PS140 into PS1,440 every Month for the last 18 months. Total PS25,907.51 and rising.
  • More than $28,000 in revenue from a one affiliate link in the niche market for software.
  • Changed PS17 into PS450 in just 7 days in the Men’s Cosmetic market.

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