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My $1,000,000 Store Revealed

A Step By Step Detailed Program for Beginners to Experts

See my products, ads and Strategies of Exactly How I Start, Launch & Scale my stores to +$30k Per month in profit.

  • Literally ZERO Prior Knowledge Needed
  • See Exactly what I do Starting from Scratch, to Scaling.
  • Use this Strategy From anywhere in the World

Why Is This Program Working So Well? Even For Complete Beginners?

Go from Zero to Expert, See my Live Store, See what is working.

See exactly what makes a successful business

The secret here is understanding the pattern of what makes these stores work. So throughout the course you will be seeing examples after examples and eventually it will become obvious why certain things work & you will be able to launch any new store successfully on your own.

This was massive scaling strategies put to use & the profit margins increased as well.

We go over every advanced tactic I use

Even if you are brand new to all this, I guide you through to becoming an expert.

I show you all the nitty gritty details and build everything with you. The entire setup is covered in this program so even if you are a complete beginner, you can just watch the videos and implememnt.

Inside The Academy

Take A Sneak Peek At The Content Inside The Academy!
First we go over the setup, then as the modules progress we go over advanced strategies and tactics!

Module 1: THE INTRO

(1.1) Welcome

(1.2) How the course is structured

(1.3) Complete +$1,000,000 Store Reveal

(1.4) Rules & Prep before starting


(2.1) Product Research List Overview

(2.2) Me Analyzing Different Products

(2.3) Secret Tool to Find Odd Niches + Ideas

(2.4) Advanced Product Research Methods (My Favorite)

(2.5) Using Filters to Narrow Down Broad Ideas


(3.1) Complete Store Setup Walk Through

(3.2) The Essential Apps (+ Secret Shopping App)

The rest is covered in Technical Setups


(4.1) Data Tactics with Merchant Center

(4.2) Google App to Merchant Center

(4.3) Advanced Edited Google Conversion Code

(4.4) Merchant Center Landmines

(4.5) Final Linking


(5.1) Overview of my Winning Landing Page

(5.2) Building the Page from Scratch

(5.3) Adding Social Proof

(5.4) The Dangerous Pricing & Bundles Strategy

(5.5) The Modern Logo

(5.6) The Million Dollar Color Scheme

(5.7) Homepage + Finishing Touches

Module 6: PHASE 1 – THE $10K LAUNCH

(6.1) How to Start Correctly

(6.2) Google Ads Initial Set Up

(6.3) SKAGS – Long Tail Keywords

(6.4) Setting up Successful Shopping Campaigns

(6.5) Ranking Our Google Shopping Titles

(6.6) High CTR Google Shopping Image

(6.7) A sneak Peak in the Future, FB.

(6.8) Analyzing our Results from Ads

Module 7: PHASE 2 – THE $10K GROWTH

(7.1) Supplier and Alibaba Walkthrough

(7.2) Landing Page on Steroids to Scale

(7.3) Complete Columns Setup

(7.4) Optimizing Our Search Campaigns

(7.5) Advanced Demographics & Device Tactics

(7.6) Shopping Campaign Initial Optimization

(7.7) Transitioning Correctly into Phase 3

Module 8: PHASE 3 – THE $100K FOUNDATION

(8.1) Custom Content Strategies

(8.2) Automation & Hiring Mastery

(8.3) Advanced Shopping Strategy to Scale (How I did It)

(8.4) Google Shopping Advanced Scaling (Setting it up)

(8.5) Advanced Shopping Titles Walkthrough

(8.6) Ranking the Shopping Descriptions

(8.7) Overview of All Star Keyword Campaigns

(8.8) ALL Star Scaling Campaign

(8.9) How to Adjust Campaigns

Module 9: PHASE 4 – THE $100K SCALING

(9.1) Crazy 100k per/month Shopping Strategy

(9.2) Negative Keywords Setup for the Funnel

(9.3) Adding a new Campaign to the Shopping Funnel

(9.4) Target ROAS Switch Strategy

(9.5) My x7.8 ROAS Retargeting Strategy

(9.6) The Segmented Audience Creation

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