Bob Proctor – The Science of Getting Rich Seminar

Bob Proctor – The Science of Getting Rich Seminar

If you’re tired of wishing and hoping for a lot more money, there’s something you should know.

Getting rich is an exact science. There are certain laws that govern it, and once you learn and comply with those laws, getting rich is a mathematical certainty.

When I first heard there’s an actual science to getting rich, I thought the idea was kind of crazy. But in August of 2006, I discovered just how true it was.

At that time, I had been practicing law for almost 20 years, and I thought I was leading the life that I wanted. One day, a friend invited me to a three-day leadership seminar in Vancouver, Washington. I didn’t know any of the specifics, but I like leadership events so I went.

It turned out that it was a Science of Getting Rich seminar with Bob Proctor. I didn’t know very much about Bob, but I had seen him in The Secret, which I really enjoyed.

So there I was watching Bob on the stage explaining how the mind works, why we get the results we get and the laws that govern acquiring money. He talked about so many things that I had never learned before. I was captivated.

On the last day of the seminar, Bob asked, “What do you want? What do you really, really want?”

And in that moment, I discovered my purpose. I wanted to create a program that was based on Bob’s teachings, then take the program into the boardrooms and executive offices that I had been in for almost two decades.

You see, I had seen so many people get stuck time and time again, and I was thinking. “My gosh, they’d be so much more successful if they just knew this!”

So I got my seminar book out and wrote the following: I want to be in the inner circle of this company. I want to be Bob Proctor’s closest advisor, and I want to create a program with him.

When the event was over, I applied everything I learned in that seminar. And just two and a half years later I had a program that I produced with Bob Proctor. I was the President and CEO of this great company, working hand in hand with Bob. And, eventually, I became an owner of the company with him.

All of these wonderful changes in my life started by saying ‘yes’ to attending the Science of Getting Rich seminar. Those three days changed the trajectory of my life.

Bob is teaching this life-changing seminar again next week, January 15-17. The seminar is sold out, but you can still attend from the comfort of your own home, office, or wherever you happen to be—by registering for the Science of Getting Rich LIVE Stream.

Will you discover your purpose or experience some other A-HA moment that will change your life forever?

You’ll never know unless you say ‘yes’ and register to attend. At a minimum, you’ll discover how to create the riches you’ve been wishing and hoping for.


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